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What is Foodwell?

Food well is a food distribution platform powered by Rehob Foods distribution to eradicate hunger by making Nigerians have more food with less money and provide employment.

Slogan: Foodwell “fighting hunger, and giving hope.”

A country (Nigeria) free of hunger and unemployment.

To provide communities with adequate food distribution at affordable prices and create employment

To eradicate hunger and unemployment through adequate food distribution at affordable price and creation of employment.

Foodwell Values:
Honesty in business and adequate goods and service delivery.

How to join foodwell network?

A onetime payment of N2,000.00 to the company account as signup fee and you upload your proof of payment for confirmation.

How It Works

You register with a one time payment of N2000
You will also bring 3 people under you, then you receive food items from Grade 1 to Grade 6
All you need is just 3 people

How do you get to the different levels?

Grade 1:
To qualify for grade 1 items, signup with N1,500 to participate, and refer 3 people who will also sign up with N1,500.
Grade 2:
To qualify for grade 2 items, your 3 downlines will each refer 3 people who will sign up as well. Your downline will qualify for grade 1 while you qualify for grade 2.
Grade 3:
To qualify for grade 3 items, your 3 downlines downlines will each introduce 3 people who will sign up as well. Your downlines downlines will qualify for grade 1 while your 3 down lines qualify for grade 2 and you will be in grade 3. The same goes for all the levels.



(Grade 1)

Noodles – (1carton)
Rice(5kg) (1 bag)
Eggs – (half crate)
Tomato Paste

(Grade 2)

Rice(5kg) – (1 bag)
Groundnut oil (1 gallon)
Tomato paste

(Grade 3)

Rice(10kg) – (1 bag)
Groundnut oil (1 gallon)
Tin Tomatoes

(Grade 4)

Rice(10kg) – (1 bag)
Palm oil ( 1 gallon)

( Grade 5)

Rice(25kg) – (1 bag)
Groundnut oil (1 gallon)
Garri(1/4 bag basin)
Seasoning (2 pkts)
Spices ( curry, Time, nutmeg)

(Grade 6)

N50,000 cash transferred to ur account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your office located?
Answer: Head office: No 14 Akpakpan Street off Oron road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.  We also have pick up centers in 28 states.

If I qualify, how do I get my items when I am in a different state?
Answer: We have pick up centers in 28 states.

Is Foodwell registered?
Answer: Yes

Can I fast track?
Answer: Yes if only you have the number of people to complete your next Grade.

Can I have a team that pays money to me and I pay to the company account in bulk?
Answer: No, everyone pays to the company account and are confirmed.

How does one become a state representative of Foodwell?
Answer: You have to be a grade 2 member and have a team of your downlines network on whatsapp or facebook before applying to the company.

What if there is no pick up point in my state?
Answer: It will be sent to you via the closest state pickup point to your location.

Meet My Foodwell Partners

You can easily can or chat any of my partners for your registration in Foodwell

1. Mrs. Dorcas Olawoyin, Ilesa, Osun State. 08069076597
2. Israel Oludare, Orlu, Imo State. 08039418720
3. Eleso Adebayo, Ifo, Ogun State.
4. Abimbola Adigun, Ikeja, Lagos State. 08106780378
5. Comfort Peter, Lagos, 07032524788

To join my fastest growing team
Chat/Call 08023546483 or any contact number on the site
remember that you can’t do without food

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