Earn Big Income with Charity Begins Nathi

Charity Begins Nathi is a South Africa based Multilevel Marketing, a world class international business that is making waves in different countries in the world.

Charity Begins Nathi is dully registered with Corporate Affairs Commission with the registration number in Nigeria RC 2646971. They are out for real business and to serve humanity.

It is an organization dedicated to bringing financial freedom to the local and global communities; we are a global network marketing company dedicated to change lives.

CBN www.charitybeginsnathi.co.za is made up of great people with great experience in the global marketing industry, connected worldwide and has travel all around the world growing and connecting with people.

The Vision of CBN

To provide a high quality network services and activities that will eradicate poverty within our society and communities.

The Mission of CBN

To be passion driven in the network marketing while searching ways to build a great organisation that will offer a quality lifestyle through network marketing.

CBN products

Addbit Visa Card and Sizawise

How it Works

Register with a one-time registration fee of N2,500 to position yourself on the matrix for earning. Refer minimum of 2 people under you and educate them to do same, once they bring 2 people each, you move to stage and start earning.

Click this link for details http://bit.ly/2EUuA8I

All additional referrals would be a spillover which will be automatically position under your group/tree to help the group/tree grow faster. The company runs in a 2×2 matrix form stage 1-4 and 2×3 matrix from stage 5-8.

Charity Begins Nathi Registration Fee Everywhere in the World

South Africa🇿🇦 – R100

Nigeria 🇳🇬 – N2,500

Ghana🇬🇭 – Gh¢35

Zambia🇿🇲 – K100

Malawi 🇲🇼 – MK 6000

Kenya🇰🇪 – KES840

Rwanda🇷🇼 – Rwf7,000

Namibia🇳🇦 – N$100

Qatar🇶🇦 – QAR30

U.S.A🇺🇸 – $7


Uganda🇧🇪 – shs 30,000

Compensation Plan

Stage 1 – Worker

It is a FEEDER 2×2 matrix

Refer two (2) people.

Your teach them to bring their own 2 people each. You earn N250.00 per downline

Total: N1,500.00

Stage 2 – Supervisor

You earn N500.00 on each downline that cycles to Stage 2

6 of your team members join you at this stage

N500.00 x 6 = N3,000.00

Get system matrix bonus N3,750. 00

Stage 3 – Manager

You earn N3,500.00 on each downline

6 of your team members join you at this stage

N3,500 x 6 = N21,000.00

Get system matrix bonus N6,500.00

NON CASH INCENTIVE Vodaphone Tablet Smart Phone worth N22,500.00

Stage 4 – General Manager

You earn N12,500.00 on each downline

6 of your team members join you at this stage

N12,500.00 x 6 = N75,000.00

Get system matrix bonus N25 000.00


Laptop worth N100,000.00

Pick n Pay grocery worth N50 000.00

Medical aid with unlimited doctor visits

Stage 5 – Director

You earn N62,500.00 on each downline

14 of your team members join you at this stage

N62,500.00 x 14 = N875,000.00

Get system matrix bonus N125,000. 00


Holiday to Sun City Cabanna Hotel worth N150,000.00 two nights with N50,000.00 spending money.

Medical aid with unlimited doctor visits

N50,000 Pick n Pay shopping voucher

Stage 6 – Managing Director

You earn N400,000.00 on each downline

14 of your team members join you at this stage

N400,000 x 14 = N5,600,000.00

Get system matrix bonus N100,000.00


Award of a Car worth N5,000,000.00

Grocery Vouchers N250 000.00 P&P

Medical aid with unlimited doctor visits

Edgars Clothing and Perfumes Voucher N250 000.00

Stage 7 – Executive Director

You earn N500,000.00 on each downline

14 of your team members join you at this stage

N500,000.00 x 14 = N7,000,000.00

Get system matrix bonus N375 000.00


SUV Car worth N12,500, 000.00

International Trip worth N3,750, 000.00

Spending money worth N125,000.00

Medical aid with unlimited doctor visits

Educational Bursary worth N2,500,000.00

Director General

Earns N5,000 000.00

N5,000 000.00 X 14 = N70million

Medical aid with unlimited doctor visits

House worth     =N62.5million

Furniture worth =N12,500,000.00

Infinity Bonus of all your direct downlines N5,000 000.00

Become Board Member.

Qualify for all Board members retreat twice a year.

Sit in the boardroom of the Company to help with decision making and Building of Company.

N5,000 000.00 Infinity allowance from all direct downlines becoming Director General.

Your Earnings in CBN

STAGE1 – N1,500

STAGE2 – N6,750

STAGE3 – N50,000

STAGE4 – N262,500

STAGE5 – N1,250,000

STAGE6 – N11.1M

STAGE7 – N26.2M

STAGE8 – N175M

Join CBN Now http://bit.ly/2EUuA8I

To register, chat +2348089790070

Chat using the contact above. Congratulations!

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