How will you know you need Deliverance?


Many people got embarrassed immediately they heard that someone said to them that they need deliverance. It is because they lack knowledge about who and who needs deliverance. They thought that deliverance is for witches, wizards, ogbanje’s etc. But I want to tell you that deliverance is for everybody including you.  If any of the following is your experience(s), you need it with immediate effects:

  1. If some forces that are so strong are tormenting you but give you relief anytime you are thirsting of praying and fasting, whenever you want to relate your case to pastors, anytime you attempt to attend a revival or some other church programmes or confronting you anytime you are thinking of deliverance, note that you need deliverance.
  2. If you discover that you have been denied of your rightful place or position in life not once or twice you need deliverance.
  3. If you discover that you are experiencing an unexplainable marital turbulent, deliverance is for you.
  4. If you notice that in most cases you always get to the target but not hitting it, the right thing to do is to go for deliverance.
  5. You always experience sicknesses that defy medical treatments or chronic diseases, then go for deliverance.
  6. If you find out that there is no achievement for years since you have been living where you are, what you need is deliverance.
  7. If you have been having terrible or frightening dreams, do not waste time go for deliverance.
  8. If you have been facing different types of financial embarrassments, you need deliverance.
  9. If you discovered that you are spiritually, financially or morally stagnant, do not think of any other thing but think of deliverance, which is the way out through Christ Jesus.
  10. If you are experiencing the work of financial, property or life devourer around you, it is time to go for deliverance.


Deliverance is of different types among which are the following:

Single Person Deliverance: This is a type of deliverance, which deliverance ministers conducted for a single person after necessary counseling.

Group/Mass Deliverance: Group deliverance is the one that involves large number of people that are under a deliverance programme/message of the moment organized by a deliverance minister or group of deliverance ministers. It can either be thorough or partial because there may not be any room for counseling and proper follow-up.

House / Land Deliverance: This type of deliverance is the one conducted for a house or a land in order to set such house/land free from any territorial demons or any power that the previous owners might have invoked on it. This is very essential because if a house is under demonic influence, the tenants of such a house may not succeed in life and if a land is cursed the landlord may not be able to build or complete his building on that land.

Marital Deliverance: Home (marriage) is a programme of God right from the foundation of the world and God intended it to be fruitful and in harmony. If there is anything that devil is waging war against most, is the marriage, because the condemnation upon the serpent (the devil) is as a result of his influence in the matrimonial home of Mr. & Mrs. Adam in the Garden of Eden. Husband /Wife should observe that some powers are at work when the woman/man that you cherished, eat with, sleep with, kissed at times became a smelling rat within few days. Any marriage that experiences different forms of anomalies from marital creeds should quest for deliverance.

Family Deliverance: Many families are under inherited curses for many years. These curses may be as a result of what their forefathers had done in the past before they died. I heard a story of a man that killed a maidservant because she was pregnant. At the point of death the lady cursed and said that “none of his (the master) female descendants will leave to have children in their lives.” So, all the female children, grand children and great-grand children in the family remain barren, until one of them sought for deliverance before the curse was broken.

Property Deliverance: Many people do not believe that properties purchased with their money can harbor evil for them. For such people, I will say that ignorance had held them captive. Many materials are manufactured from the dark kingdom and some demonic elements have been invoked on them to make the buyers to have demons in their possessions. A brother bought a wristwatch for his wedding, any time he puts it on, he felt feverish and uncomfortable. Until the wristwatch got spoiled, his body did not experience divine health. So I advised that before you buy any material, make sure you pray for the leadership of Holy Spirit. Be careful for some seasonal materials because most of them are manufactured from the dark kingdom. Not everything that glitters is gold.

Children Deliverance: This form of deliverance is difficult and complicated because some of the children are “kings” and “queens” in the dark world and to disclose all their activities and involvements may not be so much easy except by the divine intervention of the Holy Spirit. Do not believe that children are sinless. If you do you are endangering your life. So children deliverance is very essential because the evil ones may use them to affect their parents’ source of income negatively. If you discover that a child is demonized, make sure that you take the permission of the parents before you conduct the deliverance for such a child. It must be noted that some children were initiated into dark kingdom by their parent(s).

Personal Deliverance: This is the type of deliverance that an individual conducts for him/herself. It is the best type of deliverance because an individual will be true to himself/herself. The only but in it is that the evil power in such a person at times may be powerful than what such a person can handle by himself. In such case, the person should not hesitate to seek for an anointed man of God for assistance. Steps to be taken will be discussed later.

Rev. Emmanuel Samuel


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