What is Deliverance?

Many are the definitions given by different people concerning deliverance among which are the following:

Deliverance is being free or rescued from the power of sin.

  • Deliverance is an act of proclaiming liberty (freedom) to the physical and spiritual captives, opening of prisons to those who are bounds and opening of eyes to those who are blind physically and spiritually by God through those who were anointed by the Holy Spirit.
  • Deliverance is an act of saving or freeing someone from dangerous situations.
  • Deliverance is an act of casting DEMONS out of people who are obsessed, oppressed or possessed by evil spirits. (Matt. 10:1, Mk. 16:9).
  • Deliverance is the breaking of demonic yokes.
  • Deliverance is loosing of bounds.
  • Deliverance is the removal of curses or spells cast upon someone.
  • Deliverance is breaking of covenants or agreement between an individual’s, demons or gods.
  • Deliverance is the spiritual cleansing of a house, place of work, shop, factory, an office, a land, a car, properties and even church buildings from demonic attacks.
  • Deliverance is the removal of invisible loads placed on a person, family or a group of people by the evil spirits.
  • Deliverance is the uprooting of the evil spirit planted into men’s lives by their enemy, the devil. (Mt 13:24-30).
  • Deliverance is the breaking of satanic chains and fetters, removal of reproaches and satanic embargo placed on persons’ lives and ways.
  • Deliverance is the rescuing of the lawful captives from the mighty ones by God while contending with those who contend with His children in order to give them (His children) safety and happiness. (Is. 49:24-25).
  • Deliverance is engaging Satan and demonic cohorts in a war or battle. Any deliverance ministration is a moment of war against the kingdom of darkness and their powers and principalities.

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