H2i Success Story of Ayobami Obawura, Abuja Nigeria.

My name is Ayobami Obawura, I am popularly called Obagolda in H2i nation. I joined H2i Oct. 30th 2015, and for a whole month, I was confused on how to go about the business, but I persisted, one month after, I registered my first 2 downlines and that was it, by January 2016, I had produced 15 supermasters, but alas challenges set in and all my  downlines switched to the almighty shining object MMM, I mean all my 15 supermasters, non is working again, but I picked myself up again after this blow and started building another team, It has not been easy but God is faithful and consistency pays. Today, I am a 5 times supermasters, with lots of potential accounts warning up to become a supermasters. Even though I started with 1 account, I have 27 accounts today with all of them in stage 2. I have earned over $10,000 in this business, anytime from now, my first car will drop. H2i is such a blessing. It is not get rich quick scheme but in a few months, you had be glad you joined. H2i Rocks!


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