A Yoruba adage says, “Without opening of the wall, there will be no through fare for a lizard”. That is to say, “no smoke without fire and no reason without a cause”. Many problems that devil impacted to many lives today entered through some of the followings: 

  1. Participation in Tribal Ritual: Almost every tribe in the world has one or more rites that they perform every year. Many after the birth of a newborn baby, there are some sacrifices they made and some incantation they recite upon the baby. Different tribes with different rituals. So if you are the type that normally attends different festivals in your village, the power behind your problem may be traced to your tribal ritual.
  2. Inheritance: Problems in the lives of many people in most of times are inherited either from their fathers or mothers. Many inherited sicknesses, failures, poverty, misfortune etc, from their ancestors. 
  3. Accepting the Service of Demon: Some people open the doors of their lives to demons when they consulted herbalists for assistance. The services they received are from the demons that are affecting their lives.
  4. Improper Use of Herbs: Any herbs purchased from the herb sellers are demonized. So the use of herbs either from herbalist or herb sellers is an opportunity for demons to penetrate. In every environment there are witches and this witches have an herbalist or more that are working in their favour. Here is a secret, any time they afflict a person that offended them with one sickness or the other, the witch doctor or herbalist can only cure such person.  
  5. Demonic Music/Rocky Music: Listening or dancing to demonic sound (soul tile music) is an avenue for demons to gain entrance into ones life. Through these many people had made themselves to become demon possessed.
  6. Sexual Intercourse: Fornication and adultery are some of the major entrances for demonic powers into the lives of many people. Fornication and adultery are implanted into people’s life by demons.
  7. Immoral Films: Many people had become fornicators and adulterers as a result of the pornographic films that they watched. Demonic spirits can be transferred easily through this means. No matter how careful you may be, the moment you give yourself to these types of film, you would be possessed with the demon of immorality.
  8. Immoral Dressing: The types of dresses you dressed shows the type of person you are. Any lady that dressed half naked is demonstrating to public that she is a demon because through her dressing many people would be seduced by the devil or the demon that she possessed to carry out an immoral act.
  9. Immoral Books/Magazines: Many had open their lives for demons through different type of books and magazines they read from time to time such as Thrillers, Hints, Ikebe Super and many more.
  10. Gifts: Demonic power has been transferred to some people through gift they received from friends and relations. Such gifts include dresses, shoes, bangles, necklace, sweet, underwear especially for ladies, etc.
  11. Cosmetics/Perfumes: The cosmetics and perfumes that some bought for their body maintenance had initiated them into the bondage of the kingdom of darkness. They bought them to make their bodies fresh and good-looking, but alas they used their money to buy problems. So many problems penetrate into their lives as a result of keeping their bodies fresh and of good odours. Do not harbor evil for yourselves because of beauty.  
  12. Jewelries: Gold is good but some gold had become sources for demonic attack into many lives. It is quite unfortunate that many people had used their money to buy problems into their lives, houses, etc. Did you know the source of the jewelries that you put on? Mind you many were manufactured from the dark kingdom.
  13. Dreams: Many people that dreamt will wake up concluded that it is a mere dream and forget about it. “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went his way”. (Matt. 13:25). Read more from the next chapter of this book.
  14. Curses: This is a spell cast upon a person to make life difficult for him/her. Curse may be from man to man, man to woman, woman to man, husband to wife, wife to husband, parents to children, from witches or wizard, in fact it may be from God to man. If a man fails to pay his tithe accordingly, that is under the curse of God (Read Mal. 3:8-12). Curse may be upon a life, business, house, city, land or properties. Whichever, the effect of curse is to make life unbearable for the person.
  15. Demonic Laying of Hands: Many Church leaders today are representative of devil. Many so-called pastors and prophets that most people went to are working tirelessly for devil and they were controlled by demons.  If any has had encounter with such demon-possessed minister in the name of praying for him/her, he/she has been initiated into demonic world. 
  16. Hair Cut: Some people enter into the problems of life through the barbers that cut their hair at a certain point in time. Those barbers had harboured evil for them and the barbers, at a token amount of money had sold their glory.  You need to pray in order to take your glory back, which had been sold without your knowledge. If it is possible for people to contact HIV/AIDS through barbing, the demonic ones can use the avenue.
  17. Consulting Evil Hairdressers: Many of the hairdressers are agents of the darkness. Some of the materials they used such as picking combs, rake combs, etc are demonized.  They invoked evil upon their victims and begin to victimize such person or use her as a source of affliction for her husband, such victim always complained of headache.
  18. Exchange of Headgears, Scarves, Caps, etc: If you know that you cannot give out your headgears, scarves, or caps without taking it back, it is better you don’t lend it out at all. There was a woman that lent out her head tie to her neighbour, she collected it back, after the death of the other it was discovered that the neighbour charmed the head tie. Therefore it is better to give than to lend.
  19. Incisions: Some parents, thought that they are doing their children some good by making incision on their body for protection. The truth of the matter is that the incantation made and black powders used are source or open door for demonic attack.   
  20. Abortion: The moment a person commit abortion, the demon behind the act will be following such a person. That will make it possible for other demons to penetrate into such life.
  21. Fornication and Adultery: There are demons that are behind fornication and adultery. These demons bring condemnation into one’s heart from time to time and because the person’s heart did not justify him/her, he has no relationship with God.  Here are some questions for you.  Whom did you have intercourse with? Did you know the type of person he/she is? Is he/she a child of God? The answer is no.  So you have entered into the blood covenant and you have become a lawful captive in the hands of the mighty ones.
  22. Hand Shake: The evil one has many ways of taking away the glory of people.  One of these ways is through handshake.  You do not know the type of concussion or perfume they used to rub their palms before leaving home.  I heard a story of a director that normally uses something like perfume to rub his hands on the day that he would pay his staff.  When making payment to them, he used the left hand to give them their pay packet and shake them with the right hand which serves as a means of taking back their salary from them, before the month runs to the end, the staff will not know how they spent their salary, until the secrete was revealed during deliverance that was conducted for one of the staff. Be careful.!

Rev. Emmanuel Alani Samuel

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