• O Lord let the door of favour be opened unto me everywhere I go concerning my family, life, job, children… etc. in Jesus name
  • You devil! Take off your legs from my family progress, in Jesus Christ name.
  • Let there be breakthrough for me in my transactions, in Jesus Christ name.
  • O Lord silence me from gossip in Jesus Christ name.
  • O Lord, guide my family to the special place you have for us in Jesus Christ name.
  • O earth, vomit every wickedness done against my life and family in Jesus Christ name..
  • Every pot of darkness against my life and family, crash in Jesus name.
  • Every mirror of darkness use and still using to monitor my family, break into pieces, in Jesus Christ name
  • I destroy every power harbouring enchantment against me and my family in Jesus Christ name.
  • O Lord grants me wisdom and knowledge to rule my family in the name of Jesus Christ.

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