Read Joshua 6:1-6 and pray. Praise and thank the Lord whenever you pray for this is the will of God. Pray your way in the month of July.

  • Lord, let your enemies be exposed from their strongholds in Jesus Christ name (God’s enemies are your enemies)
  • Whatever places, doors, gates, blessings that has been shut or locked because of me. God let them be open today in Jesus Christ name.
  • My Father and my God empower me to follow your instructions to open your blessings for my life in Jesus Christ name.
  • Every locked treasure, riches, fortune that pertains to me and my household, be unlocked in Jesus Christ name.
  • Every locked contracts, be unlocked in Jesus Christ name.
  • Every locked opportunity, be opened and unlocked forever in Jesus Christ name.
  • All generational opportunities that has been shut tightly, be opened from now on in Jesus Christ name.
  • Whatever wall that is hindering me from taken my possession, let the wall fall now in Jesus Christ name.

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