Man holding pray word in palm with wooden background

Give thanks to God for grace to seek His face. Worship God and sing praises unto Him.

Read Isaiah 49:8-9, 24-26 and pray.

  1. O Lord, possess me to possess my possessions in Jesus Christ name.
  2. My father, open my eyes where I need to see in Jesus Christ name
  3. Father, open my ears when I need to hear you to possess my possession in Jesus Christ name.
  4. Almighty God, deliver my from all kinds of laziness and satisfaction in Jesus Christ name.
  5. Father, I desire more of you in my life Jesus Christ name.
  6. Where I have been taken as captive, Father deliver me in according to your word Jesus Christ name.
  7. I set myself free from all shackles and bondage of enemies in Jesus name.

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