How to Administer a Personal Deliverance Anytime Anywhere

Deliverance is not something you do once and forget it altogether. It is to be done repeatedly and at regular intervals until your joy is full. If everything seems mixed up for you, take these steps: Decide to be delivered and believe that God will deliver you. There are three principal weapons of warfare you can use when administering a personal deliverance i.e. the Word of God, the Name of Jesus and the Blood of Jesus Christ.

a.​In the Blood: We have the redemption and even the forgiveness of sins – Colosians1:14.
b.​The Word of God: is the Sword of the Spirit – Ephesians 6: 17.
c.​The name of Jesus: every knee should bow – Philippians 2; 9-11.

Bible Passages to Read:
Obadiah 17; John 8:32; Romans. 8:2; II Corinthians.3: 17; Isaiah. 9:4; Luke10: 19; Revelation. 12:11; I John 4:4.
Songs for Deliverance:​
I plead the blood, the blood of Jesus…
O the blood of Jesus, O the blood of Jesus…
When I survey the wondrous Cross…
Prayer and Deliverance:
1. Begin to call the blood of Jesus over your house and compound for about 3 minutes

2. Call Holy Ghost fire to surround the house and compound for about 3 minutes.  Begin to send all the evil spirits in your vicinity to the Red Sea and bind them there in Jesus’ name.

3. Now, stand or sit properly, place your right or left finger on your navel, put the other hand at your mouth as if you want to water drink and begin to drink the blood of Jesus. Say “I drink the blood of Jesus” for about 10 minutes.  In the spirit, envision the blood of Jesus as it is passing through your mouth into your gullet, your chest and stomach.

4. After this, begin to command all the evil spirits troubling you to get out and go into the sea.  Use ample time to send them out one after the other.  Call them by their names.  Do it for at least 5 minutes.  Do it again and do it the third time.  Do not be afraid peradventure you are about vomiting. Pour it out, do not swallow it. If you are yawning or belching or releasing anal gas, it is an indication that evil spirits are going out of your body. Let them go out.

5. Drink the blood of Jesus for about 5 minutes again, put your hand in your mouth as if you are drinking with your palms from the tap. Put the other hand on your navel. Vomit if you want to vomit, belch if you want to belch, release the gas if you feel like. Do not be afraid, let them go out.

6.​Begin to cancel all the evil covenants you have made-Covenants you entered into before or that was made with you through blood, word, cloth, candle and spiritual bath in the river and all others. Cancel all of them in the name of Jesus. Have you taken your cloth to herbalist before or have you been bathed in the river? Have you prayed or been prayed for with demonic candles before? Have incisions been made on you or things like that? Use the blood of Jesus to cancel every demonic thing you know in your life (Colossians 2:4). If you fail to do that genuinely deliverance will not happen.

7.​Call the Holy Ghost fire to surround you and destroy every covenant, the spirit and the works of the devil in your life or in your house, command that all items buried or hung on the wall or blown into the air because of you be destroyed in Jesus name.  Confess that all magic mirrors being used to spy your destiny be shattered in Jesus name.

8. Now, ask the Holy Spirit to fill your life. Say “Holy Spirit, enter my heart”. Say this for about 3 minutes.  Make confession that your bondage is broken. Sing it and give thanks to the Creator.

Believe that Jesus has set you free; stay clear of sinful practices and thoughts; be prayerful and study the Word of God daily; fellowship with other believers and praise God always. God bless you.

Repeat this many times anytime you need deliverance

Rev. Fela Adenmosun

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