Bible Reading: Psalm 32:8.
Song: He leadeth me…

  1. O Lord, My Father, Let it be unto me according to your words this month in the name of Jesus Christ.
  2. Heavenly Father, instruct and teach me in the way I should go this month in Jesus Christ name
  3. Ancient of Days, I refuse to be a wanderer this month, guide my steps in Jesus Christ name.
  4. Greatest Counselor, guide my thought from all kinds evil, may your thought be my thought in Jesus Christ name.
  5. Every demonic assignment towards me, my household and business, be fruitless in Jesus Christ name.
  6. I refused to be confused; Father let there be divine conviction in all that I will do this month in Jesus Christ name.
  7. Spirit of error, be far away from me in Jesus Christ name.
  8. Every demon of distraction, be powerless over me in Jesus Christ name
  9. Almighty God, cover me with your protective wings in Jesus Christ name
  10. I posses my possession this month, I shall be fruitful, I will go to places, my head will not bewitched, evil arrows will not hit me in Jesus Christ name.

Pray without ceasing


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