by Kayode Adewuyi

The bible says “The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the word of this law”. Deut. 29:29. Dream is a state mind during sleep in which the things happening around one do not seem real but which has spiritual meaning that can affect one’s life either negatively or positively. Dream is one of the ways that God used to reveal the secret things to His people. Do you remember your dreams? Failure to remember dreams may result to DEATH.

Dreaming is not as important as acting on the dream. Like a Yoruba songwriter says “Eniti o ri owo he loju ala to ndunu, e so pe ko tepa mo ise re nitori ebi”. He who find money in his dream should be informed to work hard or else he will suffer”.

No cause without a reason and there is nothing that has no meaning in life. Many dreamt and don’t normally remember their dreams, that is a failure. Some said they don’t dream at all. This is ignorance. Those who dream and remember do not know what their dreams are all about, that is dangerous. What you don’t know, you can neither challenge nor conquer. Your knowledge in whatever you dreamt about will help you to know what to do and how to do it better.

Note: Your dreams might be good or bad in your own thought but every dream has its own meaning. So care must be taken before you say that your dream is good or bad as people used to say.


  • When you offended one of the cult members e.g witches and they look for a way to revenge.
  • When you offend one of their relatives.
  • When they realized that you will be useful and needed you in their cult.
  • When one of your relatives e.g father or mother belongs to the cult and he/she has chosen you to be his/her successor in the cult.
  • When you are difficult for the cult to approach during the day light.
  • When you have entered a covenant with a particular occult group.


The type of food to be presented or always presented to enemy’s target depends on the kind of food in one’s local area or the preferred one by the individual kingdom or occult group or the victims favourite (the kind of food or drink that the targeted victim loves to eat regularly). For example among the Yorubas (a particular tribe in Nigeria) witches could use food like pounded yam, Egusi soup and meat. Naturally, this is the best food among the Yorubas, it is kind of honourable food in all occasions or in the individual homes. There are other food which could be used or used in the past on their victims. Other foods are Rice, Beans, Amala and Efo (vegetable) etc.

Meat could also be prepared and presented to the enemy’s target in his/her dreams. This meat most time may might be served or presented in the dream as a normal meat which individual eats in their various homes but the truth is that it is not, most time the meat to be served to their target is always human meat or flesh which has been prepared for the purpose of initiation into their secret dark group.

Wine and beer are also the kind of drink enemies used to catch their targeted victims. The victim drinks this separately or served alongside with food to be drunk after eaten. The drink is no longer an ordinary drink again but blood. Blood is always served to be used for initiation into the kingdom of darkness for covenant.

It should be noted that enemies used to be make use of some food or drinks that one likes or addicted to make one their prey or seize their targeted victim. Also note: the kind of food presented to one in the dream might depend on his/her own local food.


  • Spiritual or physical sicknesses into the life of people.
  • Initiation into the occultism – this could be witches, wizard or other evil gathering. This is when one begins to find him/herself being in their gathering in the dream.
  • Physically seen yourself with the remnants of what you have eaten in the dream.
  • Seen yourself in a group of people in your dreams.


  • Wake up immediately, plead and drink the blood of Jesus Christ. You need to pray. (Matt 15:13)
  • Go for deliverance; let experienced men of God that know about deliverance pray for you.
  • Be closer to God in prayer and His word, doing what the word says.


Bible Reading: Isaiah 49:24-26
Song: Holy Ghost Arise in Your Power/2x
Arise to the deliver
Arise to save
Arise to set me free
Holy Ghost arise in your power.

  1. Lord, deliver me from strange demons/spirits in Jesus Christ name
  2. Almighty God, contend with those who contend with me in Jesus Christ name
  3. My redeemer, redeem me from the wrath of the fierce in Jesus Christ name
  4. Every manipulation of the enemies against me, be consumed by Holy Spirit fire in Jesus Christ name
  5. O Lord, let my oppressor drink their own blood like wine accord to Your word in Jesus Christ name.
  6. (Call the blood of Jesus several times) I purge out all I have eaten or drank in my dreams through the blood of Jesus Christ.
  7. Father, let every covenant made on my behalf be destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus Christ.
  8. I lose myself from the bondage of the men and women of the dark world in Jesus Christ name.
  9. (Call the name of Jesus Christ and Holy Ghost Fire several times and pray) O Lord my God, destroys all weapons of the enemies working against me in the name of Jesus Christ (Destroy the satellite of the enemies).
  10. O Lord arise and scatter your enemies in Jesus Christ name. (Your enemies are God’s enemies)
  11. Evil hands that always feed and give me drinks in my dreams, be withered in Jesus Christ name.

Pray ceaselessly.
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philip edun September 27, 2017 - 9:28 am

To every world problem prayer is the answer


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