Bible Reading: Isaiah 49:24-26
Song: Holy Ghost Arise in Your Power/2x
Arise to the deliver
Arise to save
Arise to set me free
Holy Ghost arise in your power.

  1. Lord, deliver me from strange demons/spirits in Jesus Christ name
  2. Almighty God, contend with those who contend with me in Jesus Christ name
  3. My redeemer, redeem me from the wrath of the fierce in Jesus Christ name
  4. Every manipulation of the enemies against me, be consumed by Holy Spirit fire in Jesus Christ name
  5. O Lord, let my oppressor drink their own blood like wine accord to Your word in Jesus Christ name.
  6. (Call the blood of Jesus several times) I purge out all I have eaten or drank in my dreams through the blood of Jesus Christ.
  7. Father, let every covenant made on my behalf be destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus Christ.
  8. I lose myself from the bondage of the men and women of the dark world in Jesus Christ name.
  9. (Call the name of Jesus Christ and Holy Ghost Fire several times and pray) O Lord my God, destroys all weapons of the enemies working against me in the name of Jesus Christ (Destroy the satellite of the enemies).
  10. O Lord arise and scatter your enemies in Jesus Christ name. (Your enemies are God’s enemies)

Pray ceaselessly.
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