Scripture: Psalm 91
Song: I can see everything turning around…

  1. Lord, turn every channel of sorrow in my life to joy from today in the name of Jesus
  2. Lord, let the later part of my life be better than the beginning in Jesus name.
  3. From all the oppressors of mankind that deny me my covenant rights and benefits, cause them to restore seven fold in Jesus name.
  4. Every battle I have pleaded or persuaded with, but have refused to go, God destroy it in Jesus name.
  5. All battles that gather around and cooperate against the affairs of my life, storm of heaven, sweep them away in Jesus name.
  6. It is joy and gladness that always attend the birth of a new baby, my Lord, from today by the reason of your favour, make me become a man of honour and praise everywhere in Jesus name.
  7. At every place where I have been rejected and forsaken, Lord by the reason of your favour let me become a star in Jesus name.

Pray without ceasing

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