Millionaire Christian E-book Package

How To Make Huge Millions With This Millionaire Package Daily And Monthly

Welcome to this great opportunity. We present this opportunity as a simple and effortless way of making money every month in the region of millions.

The opportunity is “Sharemeans Millionaire Package”. It contains hundreds of eBooks of about 50 anointed Christian authors. Apart from using this package for your spiritual and ministerial development, you also make huge money from it.

Here is how you do it. When you lay your hands on the package, it becomes yours forever! Then you do business with it.

What you do is to brand it in your official name and sell online and offline to thousands of people.
Please note that there are many churches, many Christians, many ministers and many children of God who will be more than willing to buy this package from you at your own price.

You use your social media handles and make physical contacts to do your business. You know how to do the stuff now. One thing is that you don’t scam people! You don’t collect people’s hard-earned money and deny them of their package.

If you’re serious with it like us, you can sell at least 300 copies of the package monthly. Let’s assume your price is 7k, that’s a whopping sum of N2.1 million and I’m very sure you will sell more than that! If your price is N10k then you can be sure you will realize at least N2.8M in a month! The point is that if you develop your brand well you can make N3 million in just one month doing only that!

The package contains hundreds of powerful Christian books written by anointed ministers of God of all seasons. We daily upload to add to this package online so people can enjoy themselves maximally in realms of knowledge. Then you repackage it and rebrand it to suit your purpose and offer it to people at your own price.

You can even create a membership site for it if you desire that. The easiest part is that you use your I-phone to manage everything. Since you have everything in a Google drive, you can always send the package across to people via their email addresses or share your link into their Whatsapp platform whenever they order from you in just one minute. That’s it! You make money cheaply! It’s that simple!

I bet you, people will beg you to order at your own price. You can charge up to 10k, 20k and 30k depending on the status of the people you are dealing with. This is a special opportunity you don’t want to miss. Let’s quickly run through the list :
1. A. W Tozer – 2 books
2. Andrew Murray – 15 books
3. Andrew Wommack – 11 books
4. Chris Oyakhilome – 1 book
5. D. L Moody – 5 books
6. Dag Heward Mills – 143 books
7. Derek Prince – 7 books
8. E. M Bounds – 1 book
9. E. W Kenyon – 10 books
10. Gloria Copeland – 23 books
11. J. N. Walker – 1 book
12. Jack London – 1 book
13. Jimmy Swaggart – 8 books
14. John Anvazini – 39 books
15. John Bunyan – 8 books
16. John C. Maxwell – 9 books
17. Kathryn Kuhlman – 2 books
18. Kenneth Copeland – 52 books
19. Kenneth E. Hagin – 111 books
20. Kenneth Hagin Jr – 32 books
21. Kim Clement – 2 books
22. Kris Vollatton – 1book
23. Mike Bickle – 5 books
24. Mike Murdock – 2 books
25. Morris Cerrullo – 27 books
26. Myles Munroe – 37 books
27. Norvel Hayes – 30 books
28. Olukoya D.K – 1 book (prayer rain)
29. Oral Roberts – 9 books
30. Oretha Hagin – 1 book
31. Paul Yonggi Cho – 2 books
32. Perry Stone – 12 books
33. R. W Schambach – 16 books
34. R. A Torrey – 1 book
35. Reinhard Bonnke – 1 book
36. Rick Joyner – 17 books
37. Rick Renner – 2 books
38. Rick Warren – 1 book
39. Roberts Liardon – 22 books
40. Sid Roth – 1 book
41. Smith Wigglesworth – 13 books
42. T. D. Jakes – 2 book
43. T. L. Osborn – 1 book
44. Tim Lahaye – 22 books
45. Watchman Nee – 27 books
46. Zac Poonen – 3 books
47. Benny Hinn – 2 books
48. Peter Tan – 1 book
49. Arthur W. Pink – 1 book
The actual price is worth 30k as you can see. But for this week only, we offer this great package bonuses for just 5k. We also guide you on how to set it up in your own official name  how and where you can promote it for speedy profits. You can also add your own to them.
You can see that we are very serious with the business. Please we are here to connect serious minded people like ourselves and not scammers!

No Room For Scammers
I know what you’re thinking about! Is this not one of those online scammers? Relax! We’re not! I’ve been scammed before so I know what it means! Here’s what we do to destroy your doubts! Chat with us and we send you the package before payment! Yes I mean every word!
To order, pay or transfer just N5000 into this account:
0178843459 Adewuyi Kayode Adegbenro GT Bank.
Send us the following information:
Name, Location, Title, Church. Package Name (WCP 03), email address or whatsapp contact to 08023546483. Then you get your package immediately after payment confirmation.
For more enquiries contact.
Whatsapp/Call – 08023546483

Alagbado, Ogun State.


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