20 Prayers Points for Single Ladies and Men

Text:Genesis 24
Sing praises to the Lord.

1. O Lord my God, please direct me as you direct Eliazar to choose for Rebecca in Jesus Christ name.
2. Father, let me think and reason according to your Will and purpose for my life in Jesus Christ name.
2. Every evil and ungodly lady or man that have been assigned against my good fortune, Father, separate us by fire in Jesus Christ name.
4. Ancient of Days, give me a lady or man after your heart (the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh in Jesus Christ name.
5. My Lord and my Father, I refuse to make mistake, guide me from the spirit of error in Jesus mighty name.
6. Have your way O Lord in my life, may your Will be my Will in Jesus Christ name.
7. Heavenly Father, please help me to accept and not reject your Will (Man/Lady)for my life in Jesus Christ name.
8. My God and my King, let your light shine on my dark path of choosing a life Partner in Jesus Christ name.
9. Father give a me a good home where God dwells in Jesus Christ name.
10. Lord set me free from all hindrance that is delaying me to marry in Jesus Christ name
11. O Lord, set me free from every covering that does not allow me to see the right partner in Jesus Christ name.
12. Every Spirit of deceit be far from me in Jesus Christ name.
13. Almighty Father, deliver me from every strange spirit that does not allow me to get married in Jesus Christ name.
14. Every strong man/woman working against my family lineage to get married on time, be uprooted in Jesus Christ name.
15. Spirit husband/wife working against my life, be consumed by Holy Spirit fire in Jesus Christ name.
16. Covenant Keeping God, destroy every generational covenant working against my singleness/marital life in Jesus Christ.
17. Filthy garments placed on me from the kingdom of darkness, be consumed by Holy Ghost fire in Jesus name.
18. Whatever that has been exchanged in my body, be it head, body, legs or hand/arm in exchanged for that of animal or monster, i recover them to the original one in Jesus Christ name.
19. Call the blood of Jesus Christ several times, ask God to cleanse you from evil odour and marks in Jesus Christ name.
20. Pray against every spirit of dissapointment to breakthrough maritally.
Give thanks to God for answered prayers.

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