27 things to do to keep your husband under control of your love

Winning one’s husband love is what every virtuous woman should considered if truly she wants to enjoy her marriage. the following are what to put into consideration:
1. Make sure that you study him to understand what he likes and what he hates.
2. Take good care of his belongings.
3. Be a good home manager. Don’t be wasteful.
4. Encourage him when he is down.
5. Call him a pet name. for instance, pet name like M.D (My Dear), M.C (My crown) etc
6. Allow him to exercise his authority as the head the family. No matter how younger a man is, he will like to
exercise his authority besides that, authority of men is divine.
7. Do not challenge him when he is hurt.
8. Maintain your attractiveness to him, don’t look beautiful today and be ugly tomorrow.
9. Be silent when he is angry. You can go back to him in his sober moment with apology and explain why you
behave the way that annoyed him
10. Be quick to say ‘I’m sorry dear’ whenever you offend him, insist on his forgiveness, appreciate and kiss
him when he does.
11. Speak good of him before his friends and siblings
12. Honour his mother. His mother is his god, her are and see how he will love you
13. Ask him he wants or need. Be there for him to cater for his needs.
14. Insist that he buys gifts for his parents.
15. Surprise him with his favourite dish especially when he has little or no money and never delay his food.
16. Do not allow anybody to serve him when you are at home because you may loose him to such a person. Serving
you husband is your duty.
17. Give him a warm reception with an embrace when he returns, collect his luggage and help undress him.
18. Smile when you look at him and give him occasional pecks when you are out socially.
19. Wash his back while he is in tub or shower.
20. Put love note in his lunch box, bag or briefcase.
21. Phone him and tell him you missed him.
22. Dial his number and on hearing ‘hello’ just tell him I love you.
23. If he is a public figure or a politician, gently wake him at the early hours of the morning and romance him
to the point of demand. He will not be enticed by any other woman that day. Please don’t always expect your
husband ask for sex before you allow him to have access to you.
24. Tell him how lucky you are to have him as your husband.
25. Give him hug for no reason.
26. Always remember to pray for him and let him know that you are praying for him.
27. Pray together before you go to bed in the evening.


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