Commanding Darkness to Vanish

Tonight, we will pray in the book of Genesis 1:1-5
Prayer Focus: Total displacement of darkness from lives
Things to note:
When there is darkness in one’s life, family and business, there will be confusion, there will be no progress, no promotion etc.
Bible Text: Genesis 1:1-s
Song: Holy Ghost arise in your power.
1. O Lord, let every dark area of my life receive your light in the name of Jesus Christ. ( Shout Light of God, come into my life repeatedly)
2. Father, wherever darkness is dominating and ruling in my life,i command your light to shine forth in the name of Jesus Christ. (Pray sincerely)
3. You agent of darkness, I put an end to your work over my life, family and business in Jesus Christ name. Loose your grip over me.
4. Every instruments of darkness formed against my family, be consumed beyond repair by Holy Ghost fire in the name of Jesus Christ
5. Ancient of Days, let the work of the Satan be completely destroyed over my life, household  and business in the name of Jesus Christ.
6. Spirit of Emptiness hear me, leave my life, my life be full of the Lord’s Lord’s goodness Jesus Christ name. (Pray agressively)
7. Light of God, henceforth, take control and your place in my life in the name of Jesus Christ.

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