Settle Me O Lord

Read Psalm 2
Song: O worship the king

Prayer Points
1.​Every strange and foul spirit operating against my life, be consumed by fire in Jesus name.
2.​Lord, help me to leave a legacy behind in this world after I am called home in Jesus name.
3.​Lord, rescue me and my family from the world of the dead in Jesus name.
4.​Lord, rescue me from trouble makers this month in Jesus name.
5.​Lord, take me out from the hidden place of the enemies and in Jesus name.
6.​Every arrow of shamefulness (public disgrace), I rebuke you and send you back to your sender in Jesus name.
7.​Every covenant of Baal over my destiny, is cancelled now by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.
8.​Oh Lord, you exalted David among many. Pave way for my lifting too in Jesus name.
9.​All battles (war) that command strange characters into my life, l command you now to leave me in Jesus name.
10.​ Lord, all battles that want to take your position in my life, destroy them in Jesus name.
11.​ Father, everyone that troubles my life, let him or her encounter your powerful hand in my life in Jesus name.
12.​ Lord, today, today, perfrom great miracles in my life in the name of Jesus
13.​ Anyone that knows me totally and still contends against me, Heavenly hosts clear them off the track of my life in Jesus name.
14.​ Lord of the universe; take back for me everything that has been stolen from me by enemies in Jesus name.
15.​ Lord, confronts and destroy every single battle of my life in Jesus name.
All departed glory of my life. Where are you in the North, South, East or Eest, begin from locate and come back to me in Jesus name.

Give God the praise. He is wonderful. Give Him quality worships

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