Don’t be cut off

Daily walk with the Lord
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Read Romans 11:11–24

The Israelites were the original people of God, whom He had chosen from eternity, in His eternal redemptive plan, which He progressively brought to play,as He had entered into covenant with father Abraham. However, most saddening and embarrassing is that, they were disobedient, in spite of all the unmerited divine favour they enjoyed. That led to their divine rejection. Eventually, God made salvation available to all, including the Gentiles.

The Israelites became so familiar with God. This undue familiarity contempt made them to take the grace of God upon them for granted. Still, God has them in His original eternal redemptive plan. He has programmed to still save them. Do not take God’s grace in vain or for granted (2Cor. 6:1).

Since some of the branches from Abraham’s tree ( people of Israel) had been broken off, the Gentiles (non- Jews) have been grafted in. The Israelites were broken off because they did not believe in Christ, and we (Gentiles) are there because we believe in Christ. Any Gentile who rejects the salvation offered in Christ Jesus would be worse than even the Jews who rejected Jesus, because of their erroneous view and expectation of the Messiah.

The warning is coming to us (Gentiles) that were grafted in the Tree. We should not boast, and be carried away. We must constantly examine our works and walk with, and in the Lord (2Cor. 13:5). For if God did not spare the original branches, He won’t spare those of us who choose to err, either. The time of His appearance is fast approaching, make straight your path in Christ and be on track, in order to reign with Him.

1. Thank You, oh Lord, for saving my soul.
2. Father, as many that are yet to know You far and near, reveal Yourself to them and perfect the work of their salvation, in Jesus’ name.
3. Lord, may I not be cut- off from You, now and in eternity, in Jesus’ name.

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