Your Right?

Daily Walk with the Lord
Date: Friday, February 23, 2018

Read: Isaiah 5:1-7

Right can be seen as a legal or moral entitlement. The story was told of a servant boy who was brought from a very remote village to a city and into a family of an averagely living couple. Just because of this boy’s background, everything he came across seemed like paradise to him. He was being given a fair and just treatment and was enjoying as if he was in the palace. Soon, he began to see that all what was given to him was his right, not knowing that they had a better plan for him. Then, he began to misbehave. He was warned on several occasions, but continued in his unruly ways. He was eventually sent back to the village, losing all the benefits.

The story typifies the love of Christ towards us even when we did not deserve it. He came in a lowly form, shed His blood, and died an agonising death, just to redeem us. But, most sadly, man began to take His love and provisions for granted, thinking and behaving as if it is our right. The love, opportunities, privileges and grace of the Lord accorded us should not be taken for granted; we should accept them with love and thanksgiving, by reciprocating His gracious gesture with our lives, obedience, service for Him and mankind.

The parable of the unfruitful vineyard refers to how God has bestowed favours on man, but man has chosen on most cases, to disappoint God’s expectation, and this has led to their ruin. God expects good fruit from those enjoying such privileges. Don’t behave like Hagar who despised her mistress when she saw that she had conceived, forgetting that it was never her right to be called Abraham’s wife. She paid dearly for it (Genesis 16:4ff).

God is counting on you to represent Him well on earth, so that you will not miss the eternal glory prepared for you. Guard your salvation and the grace of God upon your life jealously, and always appreciate the giver through your total obedience and submission.

1. Lord, I acknowledge the gifts and provisions You made available to me through, and in Jesus Christ.
2. You spirit that makes me to misbehave, get out of my life, in Jesus’ name.
3. Lord, I will not miss the blessings You have prepared for me now, and in eternity, in Jesus’ name.

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