Overcoming Scarcity

Daily Walk with the Lord
Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Read: Genesis 26:1-13

Scarcity is among the challenges of many people out there in the world today. In fact, for some times now, it has been very difficult for so many people to make ends meet, both Christians and non-Christians alike. Why? Economic recession. Both corporate bodies and individuals have been feeling the brunt of the economic brouhaha that has hit the world over. Even churches are not left out. May God save us. Amen.

Scarcity is simply a time of shortage or lack that caused people to quit their jobs, businesses, marriages and countries, just as Abraham and Elimelech did (Genesis 12:10; Ruth 1: 1-2).

Somebody like the woman of Zarephath perceived the time as a hopeless time. She wanted to eat her seed or spend the little she had, and wait to die with her son (1 Kings 17:12). On the contrary, people like Isaac and Elijah perceived it differently. They saw it as the time of miraculous prosperity, when men ought to trust God, sow their seed and invest the little they have in God’s work and other things.

Practical ways (techniques) to prevail over lack and become very prosperous are to ensure that the miracle working Jesus is one’s Shepherd (Psalms 23:1); obediently follow His leading (Deuteronomy 8: 6-9); let not your hands be idle (Genesis 26:12-13; Ecclestiaste 11:6); invest in God’s work, even at such times (1 kings 17: 12-16); and adopt good savings scheme in time of your plenty (Genesis 41:30-36).

There was scarcity in the land, in the time of Isaac (Genesis 26:1ff). God made it clear to him that it is not cutting the head that resolves migraine. Isaac obeyed, but didn’t stay in the land idle. He sowed in the land (v. 12). God blessed the work of his hand, bountifully. He survived the recession, even as others were crying. Wait on God, listen to Him, and follow what He says. Multiplication is your lot.

1. Lord, grant me financial freedom and testimony, and guide me the rest of the day of my life, in       Jesus’ name.
2. Lord, deliver our brethren who are undergoing financial crisis, in Jesus’ name.
3. Oh God, heal Nigerian economy, in Jesus’ name.

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