Settle your Dream life through prayers

Scripture Job 33:15-16
Sing: I plead the blood, the blood of Jesus

1. Lord, give me an effective dream life that will transform my life; let my dream life receive your divine touch in Jesus name.
2. My God, let there be a constant flow of your wonders in my dream life in Jesus name.
3. Lord, intervene in my dream life and reveal your glory in Jesus name.
4. Lord, as I pray through this prayers, let my life be a wonder in Jesus name.
5. Lord, manifest your glory in my life before all men from now on in Jesus name.
6. Lord, empower me to reign and rule over those who are manipulating my dreams in Jesus name.
7. Every power that injects sorrow and fear through demonic dreams, disappear in Jesus name.
8. Lord, let every demonic plan and arrangement over my dream life be frustrated and destroyed today in Jesus name.
9. My Father, renew, recharge and re empower my dream life in Jesus mighty name. Halleluyah.
Thank God for the answered prayers.

It is settled 3ce in Jesus name. Amen 7cePray these prayer points again and again. Especially before you sleep.

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