Stop chasing Shadows

Daily walk with the Lord
Tuesday, March 7, 2018
READ: 1 Kings 1:5,6

The wise saying, Not all that glitters is gold, is very true. Not all journeys that start well, ends well. Something might be very good but not profitable (cf. Prov. 14:12). Not all that is profitable is edifying. Sometimes ago, somebody visited a fruits shop and picked the supposed best apples for himself. To his utter dismay, he discovered on getting home that one of the so called best apples was rotten inside. On the surface, it was healthy and edible, but it was sour bad on the inside.

Adonijah was one of
sons of King David. By implication, Adonijah should have inherited some of the godly virtues and legacies of his father, most especially, his endurance, dependence upon and trust in God, sincerity, open-mindedness and respect for constituted authorities, among others. This young man, who wanted the throne at all cost, against God’s will, should have patterned his life after his father’s, and would have been God’s choice. Be contented with what you have, and do not desire what God is not giving you. The commandment of God that Adonijah broke, eventually broke him. He coveted his father’s youngest wife and his throne.

Whatever you desire at the expense of God speaks volume of your level of ungodliness. A man’s life consists not in his influence or affluence possessions (Lk. 12:15). A man once saw himself, in a dream, buying things in a market. He was so engulfed in the purchases he was making, given the so called beauty of the materials being bought, that he forgot he had left God behind. When he was through with the purchases, in the dream, he went back to where he had left God, but to his utter surprise, he didn’t find Him there anymore. That revelation changed the man’s attitude towards amassing material wealth. Check yourself. Desire things that have eternal value (2 Cor. 4:18).

1. Oh Lord, help me to meet Your holy standard.
2. Holy Spirit, search me through and through, and rid me of all that debar me from being a vessel fit for Your use.
3. Lord, help every believer struggling with moral and character deficiency.

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