Facts about Bitclub Advantage

Facts about Bitclub Advantage

There are indisputable facts about Bitclub Advantage which are:

✔ Bitclub advantage is a reputable company with head office at trade center in Brazil.

✔ The company has been in the world of oil & gas,  sport trading etc as far back as 1999.

✔ The company has joined the biggest market in cryptocurrency exchange such as bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin & monero

✔ The company has been operating in European countries and some parts of African countries like Nigeria, south-Africa, Kenya and so on….

✔ Bitclub advantage is a pure investment platform (no selling, no buying, no compulsory referral before you earn…)

✔ The company pays daily cash out bonus

from monday to friday. ( you can be getting up to #12,927 per day depending on your investment package)

✔ The company pay every affiliate a total of 300% roi

✔ After the collection of the total 300% of your investment, you have to renew or upgrade or terminate your investment….

✔ The return on your investment is withdrawable every 2 weeks (i.e you can cash out you money twice in a  month)

✔ Your daily pay in bitclub advantage are in dollar (every monday to friday – 52 weeks)

✔ our dollar rate in bitclub advantage is $420/ ( to avoid  fluctuation of dollar rate in the business)

✔ You can convert your dollar to Naira by

1.) Using your dollar to register new member and collect cash.

2.) You can contact your upline or office to sell your dollar.

3.) You can convert your dollar to bitcoin.

_4.) You can transfer your dollar to exchanger like luno, from luno you withdraw to your local currencies

5.) Bitclub advantage partner with visa and master to design an atm card for this great business.

✔ Bitclub advantage also have an attractive reward for networker ranging from cash out bonus, direct reference bonus, indirect reference bonus, binary bonus, monthly activation bonus and award.

Financial freedom is a choice and the only sure way to acquire it is to  learn how your money will be working for you. Remember, its not who sweats the most instead its who thinks the most.

The choice you make today is automatically your responsibility

Join Bitclub Advantage today!


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