The Sinner’s God

Daily Walk with the Lord
Thursday, March 8, 2018
Read: Ezekiel 33:11

Jonathan Edward preached an evangelistic message, which he titled, Sinners in the hands of an angry God. That raises a major concern about how God sees the sinner. Does He condemn the sinner or sin? Does He see them as doomed people who can never be saved? Why would He be bent on saving the Ninevites? Why would He have allowed Jesus to die?

Sinners’ death, obviously, do not pay God (Ezekiel 33:11; Luke 15:10). God is not biased or prejudiced against the sinner. To Him, every sinner is a potential saint. Or, why would He spare Saul who was ferociously persecuting His Church, when He could just have wasted him to put an end to the Church’s ‘suffering’? He saw in the persecutor, Saul, the potential to become a very great apostle in His appointed time.

God is the God of all flesh, both Jews and Gentiles alike. His knowledge must fill all the earth as water covers the sea. That is the essence of sending some of His representatives (missionaries) to the nations of the earth where He is not yet known. Examples of such include Joseph, his siblings and his father’s household in Egypt; Esther and Mordecai in Sushan; Daniel and the three Hebrews in Babylon; Peter visiting the centurion, Cornelius; Paul journeying among the gentiles, among others.

The onus is on believers to represent God well, wherever He has located us. Jesus came seeking the sick. His approach is He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone first” (John 8:7). Let sinners see God in you by being distinct. Sinners will see the Light of life and be saved through, and in the believers, when they allow their light to shine above the darkness that ravages the world.

Stop castigating sinners. Help them in the Lord to correct their sinful ways by showing them how much their Father loves them, and leading them to the Father through the Lord Jesus. God is the Father of all. Don’t adopt the sadistic attitude of the brother of the prodigal son or Jonah’s cruel mentality. Love sinners and help them to Christ.

1. Lord, give us a new perspective (Your own) of sinners.
2. Lord Jesus, help the Church to strive hard in bringing sinners to Your saving knowledge.
3. Lord, let our pulpits be immersed in the fire of the Holy Spirit, to be dishing out messages that compel sinners to come to You.

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