Look and Live

Daily Walk with the Lord
Friday, March 9, 2018
Read: Psalm 34:5

Christians are obliged to keep their focus on Jesus, and Him alone (Hebrews 12:3). Looking is tasking. That is why it is not very easy for some believers to steadily look at the Man of the Cross. The condition for Elisha’s empowerment is, if he could see his master when he was being taken up (2 Kings 2:10).
There are several distractions, here and there, in the world that call for attention. The outcomes of looking up to Jesus are:
1. Glorification: Seeing Jesus is seeing the glory of God. There is no shame for those who look steadily to
2. Enlightenment: Anyone who has seen Jesus won’t see darkness. The Light of life will continue to glow in,
and around him.
3. Salvation and Deliverance: Those who looked to the bronze serpent (that symbolised Jesus Christ) were
not destroyed by the fiery serpents. Those who look to Jesus are delivered from shame, death and
destruction (John 3:14).
4. Life: Looking up to Jesus transmits life to us.
5. Help: There is help in looking up to Jesus (Psalm 121, 123).
You can’t afford to be distracted.

1. Holy Spirit, deliver me from lack of focus in life, in Jesus’ name.
2. Lord, help as many believers as have gone astray, to retrace their steps back to You.
3. Lord, deliver Your Church from false gospellers and heretics who are trying to refocus Your people’s
attention away from You.

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