Hopeless Situation

Daily walk with the Lord
Friday, March 16, 2018
READ: Genesis 46:1-4

Most of the time, when life seems not to be pleasurable, or when faced with life’s awful side, we tend to give up all hope and take whatever life throws at us the way it comes. Jacob, in our Bible text was faced with hopelessness. He had lost the hope on seeing his beloved and most cherished son, Joseph who he neither saw or heard about for about 13 years. But alas, he did not only see Joseph, but also his grandsons, the sons of Joseph. What a great and miraculous re-union!

Similarly, in John 11:24, Mary and Martha thought the end had come to their relationship with their dear brother, as it really seemed. Martha’s faith in Jesus’ word was mixed with unbelief. Because of our discontentment under present crosses, we greatly undervalue our future hopes. Though it seems Jesus Christ appeared “four days late to attend to Lazarus’ since he had been buried four days earlier, yet, the great news is that, He is always on time, regardless of the time He chooses to come.

You may be fighting a battle of fear. You have cried to the Lord that you need Him most urgently, but He is yet to intervene. Beloved, don’t be discouraged, because He is still the same. He will soon be right in that situation to turn things around in your favour.

Concerning that situation on which you have lost hope, keep calm, God will surface, even when it seems late or nothing could be done, and you will laugh again. There is still hope for you, as long as you are still alive.

As you take the dose of the Living Water for today in faith, God will show up in your situation, attend to everything that seems critical, giving you reasons to laugh, and laugh, and laugh, unto His glory. You are getting your miracles, in Jesus’ name.

1. Father, I thank You for Your mercies that endure forever over me and all that concern me.
2. Lord, please show up now in this situation (name it), and prove Yourself as the only able God.
3. Father, visit those who are passing through difficult times; intervene in their situations, today, and cause them to laugh again.

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