Jericho must Sink (Victory at Last) Victory Over Death

Scripture: Job 7:14, Psalm 91, Psalm 118:17, 1 Cor 15:55-57
Song: Worship as you are led

Prayer Points

1. Anything planted in my body to kill me, you are a liar die in t name Jesus
2. You arrow of poison pointed to me for death, backfire in Jesus
3. Physical and spiritual assassin, assigned against my life, kill yourself
4. Grave digging power assigned against me, bury yourself. Terminal diseases, terminate by fire
5. Any power seeking for the death of my wife, my life, my son, daughter, die by fire in Jesus name
6. Every power assigned to quench my testimony, die in Jesus name
7. Any organ in my body that is about to die, receive laug wake up in Jesus

Plead the blood of Jesus Christ for one minute.

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