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Pagan Altars

by Kayode Adewuyi

Daily Walk with the Lord
Tuesday, April 3, 2018
Read: 2 Kings 16:10

The kings of old seemed to be doing all they could to outdo one another in wickedness. When we thought it could not get any worse, Ahaz burned his own son as offering to pagan gods (2 Kings 16:3) and desecrated the holy temple of God with the building of a pagan altar to sacrifice to it. The pagan altar seemed to be larger (2 Kings 16:15) and perhaps, more magnificent in look than the bronze altar of sacrifice that Yahweh had given His people the specification. However, bogus look is not always better. Not all that glitters is gold. Trying to take something from the world, no matter how pleasing to our eyes (but not to God), and fit it into our worship of the Lord is a dangerous and most foolish thing to do.

We might not have considered building pagan altars in our churches, but we can be struggling with building pagan altars in our lives. We could be giving high priorities to things that really do not matter to the Lord, but fail to uphold the very things He wants us to do. Bringing worldly lyrics and instrumentation into our church worship is a way of bringing pagan altars to our churches. Also, it is now becoming more than common that Christians subtly dress like unbelievers, putting on materials that partly expose some sensitive areas of the body. Dressing to kill as they call such. Pagan altars are sometimes, ignorantly built, in lives and churches. They can also creep into our lives and churches through our own deliberate actions. Ahaz’s bad example counts, here.

Like Gideon, when he pulled down the pagan altars around him, we must cooperate with the Holy Spirit to shatter all pagan altars imported to our lives and churches, so that God’s favour would rest on us, irretrievably (Judges. 6:24ff).

1. Lord our God, destroy the pagan altars in my life, so that I can focus on pleasing You.
2. Lord, bring the true meaning of salvation to the lives of many, so that they can come and worship You as the one true God of their lives.
3. Lord, help believers to practically be at home with the truth that, godliness with contentment is great gain

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