Higher Achievers

Higher Achiever(s) is a group of net workers coming together to partner with different network marketing companies so as to create multiple stream of income for their members

Welcome to Higher Achievers network
The registration fee is 4,500. Our fast track create opportunity for our members to have up to 10 different source of income. Our team work makes it possible!! It is first come, first serve

To make the system work all you need to register and invite two person or more to the group
Our compensation plan is divided into six stage with 2×2 matrix throughout the stages, making it possible to be easily achieve within a short time.

Here is our plan
Matrix Bonus N1000

STAGE 1 (2×2)
Matrix Bonus N4,000
Step out Bonus: N6000
Total Bonus: N10,000

STAGE 2 (2×2)

Matrix Bonus N50,000
Step out Bonus N24,000
Total Cash N74,000

Investment into rich connect: N10,000
Investment into xtralarge: N40,600
Investment into 3pexcel: 30,000

Food worth N7000
Android phone

STAGE 3 (2×2)
Matrix Bonus N70,000
Step out Bonus N30,000

Total Bonus: N100,000

Investment into Aim Global: N38,000
Investment into Bitclub Advantage: N45,000
Investment into Happy World Meal Gate: N45,500

Total Balance: N2,000

You get healthcare product for personal use
Monthly earnings of N12, 000
Generator or Refrigerator worth N70,000

STAGE 4 (2×2)
Matrix Bonus N42,000
Step out Bonus N90,000
Total cash N132,000

Mini bus of 1

STAGE 5 (2×2)
Matrix bonus N54,000
Stepout bonus N100,000
Total cash N154,000

A brand new car worth 4million
Travelling allowance of 1million

STAGE 6 (2×2)
Matrix bonus N150,000
Stepout bonus N90,000
Total cash N240,000

7million worth of car
4million house grant
N3m agricultural grant

All this and many other mouth watering advantages are what you’ll enjoy with just a one time payment of #4,500 in higher achievers group
Hurry now and join our WhatsApp

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