Prayers over Dream-scape

Scripture. Job 33:14-18
Song. I plead the blood, the blood of Jesus

Praise and thank God. Confess and repent from your sins. Accept and confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour.

Prayer Points
1. Father I thank you for the plan you have for me to have sweet sleep. I give all glory to your name.
2. God has given me power and dominion over bad dream and nightmares, I therefore, cut them off from my life in Jesus name.
3. I claim back all the good things I lost as a result of oppression and attacks in my dreams in Jesus name.
4. Oh Lord, let the Satanic manipulations through dream be destroyed in Jesus name.
5. I reject every effort of the enemy to weaken my prayer life through dreams. I resist the unclean spirit coming to defile my soul and body always in the dreams. I break today whatever you hold on as a connection between us. I am married to Jesus; leave me alone in the name of Jesus. Sing the song.
6. You so-called spiritual husband or wife tormenting me in Dreams, get out of my life now in the name of Jesus. Whatever token of ‘marriage’ between us, I reject, denounce and destroy it in the name of the Lord Jesus. I surround myself with the light and glory of God. You evil spirits of darkness, you can no longer have influence over my life from today for I belong to Jesus.
7. Every spirit of immorality, wickedness and witchcraft manifesting in form of dogs and serpents or any form, I resist you in my life, in my home and in my marriage and I disconnect from you in the name of Jesus. Amen, Fire 7ce.

Say I plead the blood of Jesus Christ 21 times for emphasis.

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