I Shall Be Blessed

Bible Reading. Psalm 89
Song. Abraham blessings are mine……

Give God a quality praise and worship. Confess and repent from your sins. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour

Prayer Points

1. O Lord! Give me the heavenly wisdom and power to have and control wealth in Jesus’ name (Seven times).
2.​ All enemies against my exaltation, the Lord rebuke you all, in Jesus’ name.
3.​ My Lord and Creator, let my work, my business be untouchable for the enemies as from today, in Jesus’ name.
4.​ Lord, honour your name in my entire life. This is my befitting time, in Jesus’ name.
5.​ Father, comfort me on every side body, soul, and spirit. Grant me a diligent spirit to gather wealth for your glory, in Jesus’ name.
6.​ Father, from today take the key posts of my business life in Jesus’ name.
7. ​Lord, everything I lay my hands on, let it prosper according to your word, in Jesus’ name.
8.​ From now, my God, count me among your blessed ones, in Jesus’ name.
9.​ Father, do not allow Satan overcome in the affairs of my life in any way, in Jesus’ name.

Today am blessed and I shall always be a blessing in Jesus might name. 7ce.

It is settled 3ce in Jesus name. Amen 7ce

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