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Are you a network marketer or are you trying to become one? This is an opportunity to join, invest and earn up to N1,000,000 in within 3-4 months

About Classic Elites Network (CEN)

Classic Elites Network (CEN) is a unique and dynamic multi level marketing network set out to change people’s level from ordinary to elites by empowering them financially, thereby meeting up with basic daily needs and having much more to save and execute bigger projects. This vision was born out of passion to eradicate poverty as the government could no longer save our dwindling economy.

CEN has a mission to provide additional source of income for all class of life with little efforts and outstanding team work. In view of this, CEN has introduced a unique, fast and easily achievable compensation plan and matrix.


1. It takes time for people to receive incentives in mlm that deals with incentives, but in CEN, immediately you graduate to the next stage and you place withdrawal, you will receive your alert within 24 hours.

2. The incentives given are not always the immediate needs of individuals, so giving out cash solely will allow individuals to use the cash for whatever may be their needs for that particular moment.

3. You don’t have to wait till we organize distribution or award ceremony before you have proofs to show to people around you, your daily, weekly and monthly alerts will always speak for you, thereby opening way to get downlines easily.

Once again, congratulations for joining the first of its kind mlm in Nigeria that deals with 100% cash incentives.
Come on board and let the cash keep rolling into your bank account.

Every active member deserves to be handsomely rewarded.

CEN has 7 major steps from entry stage to stage 6 with mouth watering cash benefits

The compensation plan is a 2×2 matrix from entry stage to stage 6, achievable in less than 3 months through collaborative team work.

Compensation Plan

Upon registration with a one-time fee of N2,000 only, you have entered the entry stage. At this stage you are expected to register 2 persons directly under you. These 2 persons will equally register 2 persons each under them. When the matrix is completed with 6 persons under you, you automatically graduate to stage 1, earning N4,000.00

By the time your 6 downlines meet you up in stage 1, you automatically graduate to stage 2, earning N27,000.00

By the time your 6 downlines meet you up in stage 2, you automatically graduate to stage 3, earning N60,000.00

By the time your 6 downlines meet you up in stage 3, you automatically graduate to stage 4, earning N120,000.00

By the time your 6 downlines meet you up in stage 4, you automatically graduate to stage 5, earning N250,000.00

By the time your 6 downlines meet you up in stage 5, you automatically graduate to stage 6, earning N500,000.00

By the time your 6 downlines meet you up in stage 6, you become an ambassador of Classic Elites Network, earning N1,000,000.00

Why You Need To Join Classic Elites (CEN)

1-It’s the simplest matrix in the world of MLM for now, that’s 2 X 2 matrix
2-There is no fake/reward which will be denied when you qualify, thus, it is just cash, cash and cash that you will collect when you qualified.
3-No hidden charges of minimum of minimum balance before you can withdraw, CEN will automatically credit your account when you have qualified just within 24hours.
4-No upgrade, no selling of products, no changing of matrix. The site is well secured.
5-Ii is pocket friendly…N2000. No plan for increment in Registration fee.
6-Very smart and easy to achieve.
In CEN, no balancing of leg.

Join us now and step up to be an elite in less than 90 days.

To join my teamwork strategy,
chat/call 08023546483

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