10 Prayer Points for Children

Read Psalm 127:1-3
Praise and give thanks to the Lord over your children.

Prayer Points

1. Father, I thank you for my children, and I pray that my children shall know Your Will and work in it in Jesus name

2. I pronounced into the life of my children that the Lord shall bless you. His face will shine on you, and give you peace in Jesus name,

3. I pray that every enchantment and divination against my children will not come to pass in Jesus name.

4. Father, bestow upon my children excellent and wisdom spirit.

5. God, I commit my children to your care and watch in Jesus Christ name

6. I prophecy in line with God’s Word, my children shall be the head and not the tail; they will not serve their mates in Jesus name.

7. Lord, do not allow my children to align themselves with association that will hinder them from knowing You and destroy their lives.

8. I stand on the Word of God and I pronounce that darkness will not overshadow my children’ the light of God will shine on their ways

9. Father, I pray that the spirit of worldliness with not control my family in Jesus name.

10. I use Psalm 18:44-45 to pray for my children and declare that strange spirits will not gain entrance into the life of my children in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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