11 Quick Facts About Nigerian Online High Yield Investors

This post is born out of happenings on online investment or high yield investment companies in several part of the world. I think this post will go a long way to guide investors especially in Nigeria about some of the things they need to understand.

  1. Many of the investors use to invest secretly, reap secretly and invite people to join secretly by referring and earning on them but when the investment platform is down, they cry out lamenting commenting bitterly on blogs and social media about their dilemma.
  2. Some tried to investigate before they invest, they find right platform, invest and reap; some build houses, buy cars, start business ventures and do good things
  3. Some are followfollow kind of investors… (a friend told me and I joined), they don’t care to find out about the company they want to invest into. Some don’t even know whether the company has products or not.
  4. Many of them (Nigeria Investors) are risk takers. Yes! Nigerians are risk takers.
  5. Some played on other people’s intelligent by registering them as downlines and they don’t care for them at the end of the day. This is common among our people.
  6. Most of the investors always put their capital in one investment platform.
  7. Some of the investors have no understanding of how the investment they are into works, once they calculate the profits and it pays them, they are good to go.
  8. Most of Nigerians investors do not have good upline. I mean real upline. (Watch out for post on UPLINE, once their colleagues or friends just inform them about any investment platform… kiakia… they have joined.
  9. Some of the investors don’t know many things about website, blog, the moment they see their Investment website off air for some minutes…Hmmm.. they shout to heavens and earth thinking that their money is gone.
  10. Many try to get information from other sources (websites/blogs that just wrote about other investment platform which does not have anything to do with their investment platform).
  11. Ignorantly, investors use to forget or are not conscious of the fact that they are investing into another man’s business and every business have up and down’s time and they have to stay by the company in time of crisis.
  12. Nigeria Investors have huge amount of money on various investment platforms.
  13. Nigeria invest/trade all over the world.

Be guided before you invest.

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