Earn Massively In Secodi Multi-Level Crowdfunding And Reward System

Sun-Energy Community Development Initiative (SECODI) is an enthusiastic and powerful organization that is supported by Tai Energy Company and Foshan Tanfon Energy Technology Company China.

SECODI has a Crowdfunding and Reward System (MLCRS) with the sole aim of alleviating poverty and enormously improving the current conditions of poor electricity and water supply in Third World countries thereby bringing the easy life to all. The rate of poverty in Third World countries is devastating and the electrical power shortage is alarming. According to statistics, more than 40% of people living in sub-saharan Africa live at or below abject poverty level, not having access to power supply, portable water and irrigation. Government has done a lot but Government cannot do it all.

About Sun Energy Community Development Initiative (SECODI)

Sun – Energy Community Development Initiative (SECODI) is a programme that engages in various activities with the aim of bringing rapid development to Communities. This is to enable the poor and the average in rural and urban areas to have access to some of the basic amenities. SECODI takes a holistic approach to societal development through its initiatives so as to ensure economic growth and poverty alleviation.
Development has been left in the hands of the Government for too long, therefore we are giving a helping hand by making Solar Products affordable and available for the common man. SECODI is in collaboration with DONGPING TAI ENERGY COMPANY LTD. A China based company that is into production & distribution solar products.

Aims and Objectives

• Easy access to Solar electricity for both rural and urban populace
• Enhance farming culture with our Rain Maker solar powered
• To engage in various activities that will bring rapid development to communities

7 Reasons Why you should register with Secodi

(1) Who doesn’t want constant power supply in his house without being disturbed by PHCN officials on bills?

(2) Who want to avoid paying huge sum of money for prepaid meter and still have to wait for 2years before getting it?

(3) Who doesn’t want to have constant uninterrupted water supply in his house or business enterprise just at the cost of N7,500 + additional effort in spreading the opportunity?

(4) Who doesn’t want to have a positive impact in his environment by having people benefit in a #3million project done in your name as a contribution to the society

(5) Who doesn’t want cars and houses?

(6) How many years of hard labour, loans and hunger does it take us to achieve all these in our respective place of work?

(7) Almost everybody will build house and buy cars but how long do you want it to happen and what grade of house and car do you want to own is another question?
It’s in our hands to decide and no one will take action on your behalf.


Purchase Registration e-pin from your sponsor which will cost you $25 only for one account and equivalent of this amount for Nigerians is N7,500. We pegged it at N300 for $1. Coming Soon is cost of registration for other African countries.

Stages and Compensation Plan

How can I benefit from the initiative?

There are four (4) programme structures in which you can benefit from SECODI:
1. Loan Purchase: This loan is for any project above 2 Million. Individuals or community that have the need of solar products can make off payment of 50% of the total sum and after installation can pay balance in five (5) months installments after fulfilling the terms and conditions of SECODI for the loan which is you have the repayment capacity and a worthy guarantor.

2. Direct Commission: Anyone that sales our Solar Products will receive 10% commission of the total sum.

3. Multi-level Crowdfunding and reward system (MLCRS): Since we also want our Solar products to be accessed by the average and poor people in the society we have also introduced a compensation plan for introducing people to our solar Products. MLCRS is structured to assist the common people or willing people in the society that wish to have these facilities but can’t afford directly due to their low income. To register and benefit from this programme you pay the sum of $17 which at along run will assist you to get most of the Solar Products

4. Investment: Invest in SECODI and make 10% monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people.

2. What is Sponsor ID? The Sponsor ID is the Membership ID of the person referring you to SECODI. It is also called the Referrer’s ID.

3. How can I register? a) Purchase Registration e-pin from your sponsor which will cost you $17 only for one account and equivalent of this amount for Nigerians is N5,000. We pegged it at N300 for $1. Coming Soon is cost of registration for other African countries. Note use ‘Kayode’ as sponsor name or call on 08023546483 to get registered. b)Use the e-pin you have purchased on the online registration form to complete your registration.

4. Do i need e-pin for my registration? Yes you need it, without the e-pin your registration can not be completed.

5. How many accounts can I register at once? You can register 1, 3, 7 or 15 accounts at the same time. However, there is no limit as to the number of registrations you can do at any given time.

6. How much does it cost to register one account? $25 Nigerian currency N7,500 only.

7. How do I get paid? Payment is sent directly to your bank account. 

8. Can I change my Acct details after registration? Yes! but Terms & Conditions apply.

9. Do you accept online payments? Yes

10. Can I use my earnings to register other partners? Yes

11. Where is Secodi office? 5 John Olugbo Street, off Unity Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Ready to join our team to make money and enjoy solar power? Click on this link https://chat.whatsapp.com/IGWAxTtwS7T8m9tMHoymuR for presentation and registration

You can also call the following team leaders or call or chat me on 08023546483 to register.

Kayode     +2348023546483    Lagos, Nigeria

Ifeanyi      +2348060962084    Awka Ibom, Nigeria

Gbenga    +2348060954883    Oyo State, Nigeria

Tunde       +2347032300407    Ekiti State, Nigeria

Elizabeth  +2348039691612      FCT Abuja, Nigeria

Job             +2348023344385     Edo State, Nigeria

Daniel       +2348125070659      Ogun State, Nigeria

Rahman    +2348033049938     Oyo State, Nigeria

Nakou        +2348037224929     Cotonou, Republic of Benin

Olamide    +2348027057043     Delta State, Nigeria

Abunnike   +2348058672181       FCT Abuja, Nigeria

Grace          +2348123085422     Imo State, Nigeria

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