17 Things Every MLM Rep Should Do

Here are 17 simple things every MLM Rep should do if they want to become successful in this great industry. These are lessons I’ve learned during the past 16+ years. They are listed in no particular order. Enjoy!

#1 Sign up for Auto-ship.
Commit to being your own best customer and use ALL of your company’s products. If the products don’t make sense, neither will the business.

#2 Attend every company event.
Events are the glue that keeps your business together. Promote events like your business success depends upon it and attend every event yourself, no excuses.

#3 Follow the system.
This is a business of duplication. Successful businesses are built by following systems. Do not reinvent the wheel.

#4 Work closely with your mentor.
This business is a team sport. Find someone in your upline who has achieved what you want to in the business and follow their lead. Do not be an island.

#5 Make a minimum five-year commitment to one company.
Do not switch companies. Do not promote multiple companies. Pick one company and ride it out for the long-term. That is what all leaders do.

#6 Make two exposures every single day.
This is a business of exposures. No matter what, make at least two exposures per day, to NEW prospects (not the same people over and over).

#7 Service and maintain two to five retail customers.
All businesses need customers. You don’t need hundreds of customers personally, but you want to maintain several customers at all times. Do it yourself and then teach your team to do it.

#8 Create a written business and marketing plan for their business.
Create a one-page business plan that outlines your goals and strategy. Share it with your mentor, refer to it daily and help your people create their own plan. Plan your work and then work your plan.

#9 Set aside one hour per day for income producing activities.
Retailing and recruiting are the only two activities we get paid to do! Spend 90% of your work hours on income producing activities. If you will go to a job for 8-12 hours per day, at least be willing to set aside 1 hour per day to grow your business.

#10 Show the plan to 10 people or sponsor 2 new business builders every month.
No matter what, never let a month go by where you don’t sign up at least two new distributors. New people are the lifeblood of your business.

#11 Be a student of the profession.
Learn everything you can about your company, the products and the industry.

#12 Daily personal development.
Work on growing yourself every single day. Focus on continuous improvement. Some people refer to this as the Compound Effect or Slight Edge.

#13 Enroll in automobile university.
Replace the music in your automobile with self -help and business training. For most people who do that, they will get 1-2 hours of business training per day, during their commute.

# 14 Study lead generation and marketing.
You must become a master at getting leads. Study direct marketing, online marketing and lead generation until you can find 1-2 strategies you want to use.

#15 Be the type of person you want to sponsor!
Remember the Law of Attraction is always working, either for you or against you. Become a quality person. Become a leader and doer. Do that and you will attract these types of folks into your business.

#16 Take 100% responsibility for your business.
Act as if you invested ONE MILLION DOLLARS in your business. No excuses! No blaming others. Man up or woman up and act like a business owner!

#17 Make the business fun.
If you’re not having fun, you are doing this business wrong. No one wants another job or boss. Take your business seriously, but don’t take yourself to seriously.

Final Thoughts
There you have it folks. These are 17 things every MLM rep should do if they want to build a big business. What did I leave out? What tips would you suggest? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

Chuck Holmes

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