Pray for your Children

Read and claim Isaiah 8:18 in prayers
1. Every evil power monitoring my children for evil, you are a liar, be blind, confused and be destroyed in Jesus name.
2. O God of Elijah? Arise disappoint enemies over my children in Jesus name.
3 All evil councils assigned against me and my children, Father, disempower and ground them down now in the name of Jesus
4. All demons assigned against children, Anti riot angels attack them now ruin them completely in the name of Jesus.
5. I refuse to weep again over my children by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ.
6. I decree and declare that my children will not be beggars in life in Jesus mighty name.
7. Whoever is rejoicing over the shortfall and weakness of my children will cry at the end in Jesus name.
8. My children (Tiresimi, Oore, Tolu) mention the names of your children, decree and declare let all your lost virtues begin to relocate you in the name of Jesus.

Rejoice for you will rejoice over that child/Chidren in Jesus name.

Pray all these prayer points 3 times

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