20 Reasons Why Smart People Join Network Marketing

One of the top business that is ruling the world is Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing. Just like any other business, I have heard several excuses from the people about this popular business that it is difficult for the them to do. Some of these excuse are: “I don’t have time”, “I don’t know how to speak with people”, etc. But many people that are smart enough have joined the richest people in the world in network business. Below are 20 reason why smart people have embraced and still embracing network marketing. i hope you be smart enough to come on board.

  1. Time Freedom – a network promoter is always at liberty with his time, he is free to decide what he does with his time.
  2. Financial Freedom – network are millionaires and billionaires all over the world, as a matter of fact, they are the richest.
  3. Network marketing is business that gives residual income.
  4. There are no bills to pay, no utility bills.
  5. It can be operated from any location, home, car etc you don’t need to rent or secure office to operate.
  6. Low cash startup – one of the business with low startup capital to invest is multilevel marketing, one does not need huge amount of money to start.
  7. It is one time registration payment, once you have registered with the company you are promoting, that’s all.
  8. No logistics needed, just your mouth
  9. Has produced the highest number of millionaires worldwide
  10. There is no educational qualification needed unlike white collar job and other casual jobs.
  11. Leveraging on your team effort – multilevel marketing is not about you alone but about combine efforts of your team, this helps to move and earn faster.
  12. Helping others in terms of job creation, showing them what to do for a living.
  13. Creation of Adaptive economy, independent of nations economy.
  14. No gender or age bias – males and females, young and old are eligible for the business.
  15. Early Retirement – multilevel marketing helps you to retire early, this is because you must have made a lot of money when you are still very agile
  16. Fancy Vacations and Amazing lifestyle – most of multilevel marketing company has vacation package for multilevel marketers, they believe that relaxing and enjoyment are part of life after you have worked. Sometime they sponsored network marketers on to beautiful places around the world to for vacations.
  17. Synergy creation among new people.
  18. Leaving a legacy for kids and your next generation.
  19. Totally tax free income – In multilevel marketing business, it is the company that you are promoting or marketing that pays tax.
  20. Sustainable Secure System.

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