Prayer for Glory

What is Glory?

Glory can be described as the manifest and apparent shining of the power of God upon a particular situation or circumstance in the life of an individual, family, church, town, state or country. It is the evidence of the presence of the Trinity – God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

It is also the revelation of the awesomeness and majesty of the Almighty God in an indescribable way in the life of a person, family, church and even the community at large.

Glory can also be regarded as awesome feeling(s) of God’s presence. It is God’s supernatural manifestation of the activities of the Holy Spirit in a powerful way in the life of an individual, family or church.

Prayer Points

Begin your prayers by giving thanks to God, Praise Him for His love

  1. Lord, I am ready to walk in your ways, direct my paths and lead me in the way everlasting.
  2. Guide me, O Lord, to my glory land in Jesus name.
  3. Lord Jehovah, may I never die before my glory, in the mighty name of Jesus.
  4. Lord, give me an obedient heart that will always walk in your precepts and statutes.
  5. My glory, cooperate with the will of God, and begin to shine forth now, in Jesus name.
  6. Today, I am lifted above sin and sorrow.
  7. Lord, today show me your glory and lift me high, in Jesus name.
  8. Today, O Lord, I am possessing my possessions in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
  9. Henceforth, O Lord, Your mercy, favour and blessing will locate me in Jesus name.
  10. Lord, today I enter into your covenant of peace and glory; perfect all that concerns me in Jesus name.
  11. Lord, make me joy of many generations and let my name be remembered for good in this generation and beyond, in Jesus name.
  12. Lord mould me as you want, so that my life will reflect your glory in Jesus name.
  13. King of glory, make my portion among the great people that will shake nations for your glory in Jesus name.
  14. Lord, turn all my toils and sufferings to glory.
  15. Lord give me a new song, and let me be called by new name. Lord God, make a celebrity.

Pastor Mrs. Yomi Olawuni

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