Bitminutes… A global Business Opportunity

Bitminutes is (a global top up business) with headquarters in U.S.A.

What Is Bitminutes?

Bitminutes is backed by an asset used by billions of consumers every day: Pre-paid cell phone minutes. It works in over about 130 countries.

Bitminutes facilitate free money transfer and guaranteed credit to the billions who are un-banked, unlocking the value stored in their cell phones.

BitMinutes also turn the corner retailer into the corner banker, providing retailers with the chance to earn new financial services revenue, while improving the lives of their neighbors with access to affordable credit previously unavailable to them.

To join this amazing business opportunity, you can join for free as a USER OR as an AGENT. As a free user, you can make use of Bitminutes with limit while you can enjoy all benefits in Bitminutes if you register as an agent.

At Bitminutes We Offer:


You manage your Bitminutes through an app, & BMTs can be transferred to anyone with a mobile phone number.

TRANSACT BITMINUTES IN NAIRA . (Bitminutes works with other currencies too, not Naira alone).

• Buy with Local Naira Debit Card (Master & Visa) this is depending on your country currency.

• Transfer Money back to your account at ZERO CHARGES


• Use BitMinutes to top up your cell phone minutes

• or send them to a family member anywhere in the world!

• You Instant get 7% cash back


• You can also earn additional BMTs on your current balance through mobile mining on your BMT app, and from new customer referrals.

• Mobile Mining Contributes 12% Annual Interest which credits your wallet daily.

 Coming Soon!!

▪ Micro Lending

▪ Utility bill payments

Join us here to get started

Happy Earning!

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