Join Business For Life From Secodi (B4L)

BUSINESS FOR LIFE (B4L) is a business you won’t want to miss for anything in the world, you earn continuously for a life time with the best earning system. We deal with most sorted after Solar Products and consumable products.

Our Mission

Business for Life is geared to provide easy and quality life for you, provide you with multiple streams of income and business opportunities where you will have constant flow of income, have access to Solar Products, Own landed properties with ease.

Our Vision

To have Super Shopping Malls all over the globe where people can just work in get whatever they need without physical cash, Own Manufacturing Companies for Renewable Energy products and A Global Resource Centre for young people with creative abilities.


Secodi Business for Life is honestly the game changer, because of the following reasons:

There’s no balancing of right or left legs like in other multilevel marketing companies.

There’s no cancellation of points or time for your accumulated points to expire

You automatically become a shareholder in Secodi B4LIFE to earn from 30% shared profit among Members at the end of every Month and for life

You will have access to buy any of these genuine Solar Products and All Kind Different Products from SECODI BUSINESS FOR LIFE ONLINE SHOPPING Mall With 1 year warranty.

You earn 10% cash back instantly For Your Package Activation, Weekly Earnings & Withdrawn to your personal account for Life.

You earn Cash Payment to Your Person Account

8 Ways To Earn In Secodi Business For Life

  1. When you activate any package you earn 10% as activation bonus to your wallet
  2. When you refer anyone to activate you are paid ADVERT commission of 20% of the person’s activation package to your wallet immediately.
  3. When you buy products you earn, when you sell you earn as points
  4. When your downlines buy products you earn as points
  5. You earn TEAM ADVERT COMMISSION from level 1 to 11th which is the end
  6. When you upgrade to the next package you earn
  7. When your downline(s) upgrade to the next package you earn
  8. Every month distribution of profit through autoship system

SECODI DC/AC Home Appliances and Solar Systems

Below are some SECODI products for Members, Distributors, Resellers or Marketers. They include solar systems and high quality solar home appliances that are durable and consume very little energy:

  1. Solar Pressing Iron
  2. Solar Wristwatches
  3. Solar Health Bracelets
  4. Solar Mosquito Repellant
  5. Solar Standing Fan
  6. Solar Ceiling Fan
  7. Solar Cooker/Hot Plate
  8. Solar Air-conditioner
  9. Solar Street Lamp
  10. Solar TV Set (32/42 Inches) with inbuilt battery + panel
  11. Smart Emergency LED Bulbs
  12. Solar Blender
  13. Solar Fridge/Freezer
  14. 4-Channel CCTV Camera
  15. Pure Sine Wave Inverters, Solar Panels, Deep Cycle Batteries & Charge Controllers
  16. Solar Boiling Ring
  17. And many other products…

To view products, kindly visit

 Business For Life (Business For Life) activation packages are as follows:

  1. Starter Distributor – $12.5 (₦5,000)
  2. Basic Distributor – $25 (₦10,000)
  3. Bronze Distributor – $50 (₦20000)
  4. Silver Distributor – $100 (₦40,000)
  5. Gold Distributor – $150 (₦60,000)
  6. Diamond Distributor – $200 (₦80,000)
  7. Executive Distributor – $250 (₦100,000)
  8. Platinum Distributor – $300 (₦200,000)

Conversion to Naira is $1 to ₦400

You are to choose the one that is convenient for you and suitable to you. You can choose one and upgrade later.

Below are the earning packages of each package

  • Starter Distributor – from Level 1-4
  • Basic Distributor – from Level 1 – 5
  • Bronze Distributor – from Level 1 – 6
  • Silver Distributor – from Level 1 –  7
  • Gold Distributor – from Level 1 – 8
  • Diamond Distributor – from Level 1 – 9
  • Executive Director – from Level 1 – 10
  • Platinum Distributor – from Level 1 – 11.

Monthly Autoship Per Package

  1. Starter Distributor – $5 (N2000)
  2. Basic Distributor – $10 (N4000)
  3. Bronze Distributor – $20 (N8000)
  4. Silver Distributor – $40 (N16000)
  5. Gold Distributor – $60 (N24000)
  6. Diamond Distributor- $80 (N32000)
  7. Executive Distributor-$100 (N40,000)
  8. Platinum Distributor -$120 (N48000)

Please take note that:

That the amount you pay for monthly autoship is determined by your activation package just as you can see on the table above. Also note that this autoship is not forced on us, it’s not compulsory it’s only necessary especially for those that has people registered under them (downlines) because you never can tell when your downline or downlines might be active by buying products and referring people and you’ll miss your earnings on their activities.

The monthly autoship money is just a tiny token that’s meant to be paid from the money in your B4L wallet (your earnings) not money out of pocket except if you haven’t start earning because there’s no activities or transactions going on in genealogy, and there’s no how you won’t Earn in a month because even if you are working the activities of your upline will still affect you (spillovers), that’s why it’s an advantage to be under a good hearted and active leader/upline.

Just imagine you earning From N500,000 To N1,000,000 every month in Secodi Business for life.

YOU can now get paid on every single products you buy or your downlines buy from the company even if it’s ordinary toothbrush + plus you can now earn unlimited referrals & indirect referrals bonuses from all your existing/already registered members.

All the products are now attach with point value & coin value that can actually accumulate together to earn you plots of lands from (SECODI SOLAR ESTATE) with lot of bonuses, also allows you to get our new Tricycle (SOLAR KEKE NAPEP) with same point value.

The most intriguing part of it is that there’s no wiping of points, meaning your points keeps accumulating and you keep carrying over from one level to another every week and every months.

If you don’t plan your future, Poverty will plan it for you” Irene Booker.

It’s time to live above the mark. Say no to financial deprivation and join more than 1,000,000 people making legitimate income through Secodi Shopping Mall Living their Dream Lives.

These are the categories of our online shopping mall


Renewable Energy

  •         Solar Energy Products
  •         Wind Energy Products
  •         Hydropower
  •         DC Products


  •         Television
  •         Audio
  •         Cameras

Phones & Tablets

  •            Phones
  •           Tablets
  •           Accessories

 Men’s Fashion

  •         Clothing
  •         Shoes
  •         Men’s Accessories

Women’s Fashion

  •         Clothing
  •         Shoes
  •         Handbags
  •         Jewelry
  •         Women’s Accessories

Home & Office



Herbal & Supplement

Health & Beauty

  •         Make-up
  •         Hair care
  •         Fragrances
  •         Health care


  •         Laptops
  •         Desktops
  •         Printers
  •         Gaming
  •         Computer accessories

Baby Products

Houses & Land

  •         Houses
  •         Lands

Provisions & Foods

Cars & Buses

Solar Hybrid Cars



Mercedes Benz










Rolls Royce



Join my team today and you will be glad you did.

To your Financial Breakthrough…


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