Why you need to Register and Benefits of Joining Sun Energy Community Development Initiative (Secodi) Crowdfunding Multilevel Marketing

SECODI is a Renewable Energy organisation that is into Solar/Wind Energy installation, DC products distribution, Community Development, economic and social empowerment programmes.

The sole aim of SECODI is to alleviate poverty and darkness from Third World countries which will definitely bring easy life to all. The rate of poverty in Third World countries is devastating and the electrical power shortage is alarming. According to statistics, more than 40% of people living in sub-saharan Africa live at or below abject poverty level, not having access to good power supply, portable water and irrigation farming facilities.

Join with N7500 only http://bit.ly/2U7ghUH

We introduce to you the safest and most reliable Multi-Level Crowdfunding and Reward System to complement Government efforts and to empower the masses. This will enable most people to have easy access to renewable and long lasting Solar products so as to enhance their lives and living conditions thereby forcing rapid development in our societies.

At an extremely low cost membership registration (N7500 )you can achieve financial empowerment, say goodbye to inconsistent electricity, have access to portable water and also all-year-round farming. Join now let’s build a poverty and darkness free world together. SECODI says…….. Let there be Light and there is Light!!!! http://bit.ly/2U7ghUH

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom (Earning potential from $30 to $85,000 through Referral bonuses, matrix bonuses and sales of solar products)

Free Power Supply

24hours electricity without paying electricity bills or using generators

Save Money

Buy solar products at distributors’ prices and sell at consumers’ prices

Become an ICON

Become an ICON to be celebrated generation to generation

Car Luxury

Become a solar car owner. Drive a brand new car

Water Supply

24hours water supply with our Solar Borehole

Earn Commission

10% Commission for direct sales

Business Opportunity

Big business opportunities for every member (You can install solar electricity for communities and they pay you electricity bills or borehole water).

Become a Landlord

Own a house that is fully solar-powered

Free Borehole

Privilege of transforming your community by sinking a solar Borehole for them fully paid by SECODI


Become Solar Installer through free Solar Installation training sponsored by Secodi for free

Secodi has extended beyond Africa to Asia, America and other continents across the Globe. Join us from any part of the world to embrace financial freedom. http://bit.ly/2U7ghUH

To Your Success


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