How you can market your network business offline and get massive result in Nigeria

I want to share with us how we can market our business using offline methods.

Networking business is all about building volume, you can build volume instantly by hitting momentum in a church or group seminars or you can connect with individuals.

Below are the sets of people that can help expand your network:

Church Pastors

Try getting church pastors into Ur network , d church n society respect them a lot so with the respect they command they can easily call for seminar and people will respond, once they endorse anything the Congregation accepts so go for pastors, from one you will get other pastors

On Air Personalities

Another set of people that have large followers and fans are radio and TV presenters, people believe that once any information comes out from the radio or TV it’s genuine, since these presenters are always on air that’s how they will be using the opportunity to advertise the business and that will mean your business expanding fast, so start submitting your proposal to radio and TV stations.

Actors and Actresses

Telecoms network are using loads of actors and celebrities in their adverts, that’s because they understand how powerful these celebrities are and crowd they pull, their fans will believe and do whatever they say, so look for celebrities.

News Paper or Magazine Owners

If you can get the owner or anyone that works in a news paper company that person will help blow your network. Adverts will always be on their dailies and that will expand your network faster.

Student Union Government Leaders in Higher Institutions

When you connect the SUG Leadership the SUG Leadership will connect departmental leadership and the message will spread faster. Departmental leadership will always connect course reps and from course rep everyone will hear of the network or company you are promoting. The easiest way to drop information in a department is to use the course reps; they are closer to the students and lecturers, getting a course rep registered into your network means you have gotten on powerful leader. All course reps I know are proactive people; I was a course rep., while in school so that really exposed me to being proactive, so look for course reps.

Federal or State Government Ministry and Parastatals

I will encourage you all to drop our proposal letters at government ministries, lately they have been approving proposal letters, they are always looking for ways to try other opportunities because their salary is never enough.

Politicians or Anyone Intending To Go Into Politics.

Of late we try to show people in politics network business because we know they need the people vote. To this we encourage them to empower their people with this business while we train the people for them.

Network Marketers.

I love these sets of people for their experience and team on ground, if you can get them, you have the whole team and their experience will keep them tops in the business.

Let’s go out and get the above sets of people into our network and we will see the magic that will happen to our network.

If you are will to join new network business or investment, feel free to contact me through the phone number on this website.

I wish every network marketers the best.

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