Invest into the world best coin, HOFACOIN

Hofa is a Cryptocurrency with its development system based in Africa. Hofa is the next generation of payment tools and social software that will edge out Whatsapp, PayPal and Apple Pay. … Hofachat has as platform Cryptocurrency HofaCoin which is based on the proof of stake mining mechanism.

Cryptocoins, also called cryptocurrency or crypto, is a form of digital currency powered by blockchain technology. … No physical coins represent cryptocurrency value, although some replicas have been made for promotional purposes or as a visualization tool.

A blockchain wallet is a digital wallet that allows users to manage bitcoin and ether. Blockchain Wallet is provided by Blockchain, a software company founded by Peter Smith and Nicolas Cary.

HOFA want to build up a new empire of Blockchain in Africa. Great times, great changes and great development will arrive soon. By forming an operational system based on the developing countries, HOFA radiating the whole world and connecting the seven continents.

With the increasing variety of digital assets, the management difficulty of digital assets gradually increases, and security, privacy, and convenience cannot be guaranteed. It still lacks a mobile multi-asset wallet for solving the storage problems of all assets, providing instant messaging and mobile payment in the Blockchain Era. Hofa is the next general of payment tools and social software to edge out Whatsapp, PayPal and Apple Pay.

HFCT (HofaCoin) and Hofachat rises in response to the proper time and conditions and created a new page in the history of Blockchain. Unlike other Cryptocurrency, HFCT(HofaCoin) was born with a silver spoon, which we called Hofachat, a mobile instant messaging app based on the blockchain. With its unique decentralized distributed technology and highly secure encryption service, Hofachat ensures free global chat. Hofachat is an Ethereum wallet and supports mobile wallet in digital currencies such as ETH & HFCT.

HOFACOIN, the new and powerful Cryptocurrency from China

China has launched its first cryptocurrency: The HOFACOIN.

By the demographic and economic power of China, its cryptocurrency HOFACOIN will certainly become in a short time the largest cryptocurrency in the world far ahead of all the cryptocurrencies that are currently on the market.

As we all know, Blockchain’s technology is progressing rapidly in developed regions such as the US and Europe and the advent of HOFACOIN will create a new Blockchain empire in the world that will also benefit underdeveloped countries .

HOFACOIN will bring an innovation called HOFFA-APP in the global cryptocurrency industry with the following services:

– The Hofachat social network

– E-commerce

– the electronic wallet

– the games

– the live videos

– the entrepreneurship

– the trading

– other various services

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Hofacoin was born with “long teeth” by its revolutionary application called Hofachat, an application mobile instant messenger based on the blockchain. Thanks to its unique decentralized technology and highly secure encryption service, Hofachat guarantees a free worldwide conversation between members in all languages. Hofachat is at the same time an Ethereum portfolio supporting digital currencies such as ETH & HFCT. HFCT is the symbol of Hofacoin (also noted HC or HOFA).

Hofachat is also an intelligent ecological platform based on social interaction, finance, industry, the economy of services and sharing.

Hofachat perfectly integrates social networks, shopping centers, Internet and blockchain. With the global payment function of digital currency, it will be popularized around the world. The more people appreciate Hofachat, the higher the value of the Hofacoin.

Hofacoin will appear on many exchangers and it will be possible to exchange it for multiple currencies and other cryptocurrencies.

The Hofacoin

HOFACOIN MARKETING PLAN has one of the most generous marketing plans in the network marketing industry with two types of bonuses: Static bonus and dynamic bonus.

1) Static Bonus

This bonus is considered the Return on Investment. He is paid every day. Its value depends on the investment package:

100 – 300 units: 0.25%

301 – 1000 units: 0.25%

1001 – 3000 units: 0.30%

3001 – 5000 units: 0.30%

5001 – 10000 units: 0.35%

10000 units: 0.35%

Example: The one who takes a package of 5001 coins will perceive every day 0.35% x 5001 = 17 hofacoins.

Assuming that the value of a hofacoin is $ 1 it will give us a return on investment of 17 x $ 1 = $ 17 / day.

2) Dynamic Bonus

Hofacoin has a binary marketing plan that pays all members every day on the weak footing.

Example: Foot A: 110000 HC; Foot B: 100000 HC

Dynamic Bonus = 0.35% of 100000 HC = 350 HC / day

For a value of 1HC to 1 $ this will give us a dynamic bonus of 350 x 1 $ = 350 $ / day.

NB: This dynamic bonus never drops but grows to infinity!

The benefits are obvious: the more you get from HFCT, the higher your daily incomes will be. You will not be far from becoming the next Warren Buffett, Jack Ma and others.

Register now and start earning hofacoins every day even without investing. It will be enough of a click on a button every day (see on the site).

What must I do after purchasing parts?

After purchasing hofacoins coins, you have better mine them for static bonuses. To mine them, you must proceed as follows:


2) Type the number of coins to be mined in the BUILD AMOUNT box;

3) Select the box 100% HOFA or 100% RELEASED HOFA according to the box where your rooms are housed;

4) Click on BUILD;

5) Confirm by clicking on SURE.

To get mined Hofacoins every day from 16h GMT, you have to log into your back office and click on the golden box that appears.

To get gold coins in the ORE box every day, you must do the following:


2) Click on DAILY SIGN IN;

3) Click on SIGN IN NOW.

In doing so, you get 0.1 gold coin every day. If you fail to do it one day, you lose 0.1 gold without any possibility of catching you the next day.

Please check the value of your mined coins in the MY HOFA VALUE section.

The exchange of Hofacoins from member to member is possible by clicking on the TRANSFER button or by going to the MANAGEMENT P to P Tx menu and the Trading of Hofacoins is possible in the TRADE CENTER menu.

HOFACOIN reserves us huge pleasant surprises in the months to come.

If we missed the debut of Bitcoin in 2009 because of ignorance and lack of information, it was not our fault. But if we miss now the beginnings of the Hofacoin, it will be our fault. So to avoid having to regret it bitterly in a few months, it is NOW that you have to invest in the Hofacoin to the extent of the available financial means.

How to get money or enjoy HOFAS from your back office

1 \ Sell HOFA parts directly in the HOFA TRADING HALL in your backoffice.

2 \ Convert HOFA coins to USDF (DOLLAR), then remove Bitcoin dollars directly through your HOFA WALLET.

3 \ Transfer HOFA parts from your backoffice to the HOFACHAT portfolios and the BTRISE interchange to exchange or purchase goods when the online business is up and running.

4 \ Transfer and trade HOFA parts between HOFACHAT and BTRISE.

5 \ Transfer HOFA coins to a member after receiving the payment from the member.


In Hofacoin, sponsorship is not mandatory and does not provide a sponsorship bonus, but PAYE sponsorship is a lot. Indeed when you sponsor, you develop a binary network that allows you to earn hofacoins every day on the weak leg.

NB To benefit from the dynamic bonus of the binary, you must sponsor at least one person on each of your two legs and develop your weak leg.

You will find your referral links, one for the left paw and the other for the right paw by clicking on USER CENTER then on CHECK QR CODE.

When your referrals download the Hofachat app from your link, they will also get the above benefits and you, the referrer, will get more income every day!

Payment Information

For the moment the payments are done in BitCoins or in ethereum, pending the very next addition of other processors of payment.

The payment methods on the hofacoin website are: Bitcoins, Ethereum etc

How does Hofacoin work?

So how does the HFCT (HofaCoin) work? Once your friends download HFCT’s HofaChat APP, they enjoy not only the benefits mentioned above but also shared revenue. Thus, this implies you are likely to generate daily income dependent on the amount of HFCT held by your associates.

With the ability to generate a fully-fledged financial security system for users, Hofachat is a blockchain set to revolutionize the industry. It aims to create real economic freedom for people across the globe. HFCT assets once linked to numerous digital currencies in international trading platforms can provide leverage for high-quality crowdfunding projects. This blockchain is a sure way to integrate the internet, shopping malls, social networks plus much more.

As this system widens access worldwide, HFCT is also likely to increase value with time. Create your social network, build your empire and accumulate wealth with Hofachat. It is currently listed on Artificial Intelligence Digital Asset Exchange known as, Btrise Exchange. No doubt, this is poised to be the rise and rise of HOFA, thanks to its benefits and relevance to the modern age.

HOFA, one of the leading players in the fine art sphere, will back cryptocurrency payments during two exhibitions in London and Los Angeles later this year after signing a deal with blockchain payment company Uphold, Forbes magazine

HOFA, or House of Fine Art, will allow virtual coin purchases after receiving demands from clients for more than a year. Art connoisseurs will be able to use the eight cryptocurrencies that Uphold currently supports.

Let’s chat now to join Hofa.  Happy Investing! Happy Earning!

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