Telecommunication Business from Recharge and Earn

NONEDA Technologies offers Recharge and Earn as the platform where anyone can purchase VTU products at huge discounted rates and still earn.

Currently, Noneda Technologies is under the Leadership of Mrs. Jenny Iwuagwu. The Chief Executive Officer, and who lives in the United Kingdom due to her many other engagements. However, we have many other members of the management team in Nigeria working with her to ensure growth and sustainability of the entire company and projects

We’re fully registered with the corporate affairs commission, and currently processing our certification with Nigeria Communication Commission – NCC. Our headquarters is in the FCT, Abuja and we intend to have offices in the major cities in Nigeria soon.

5 Avenues to Make Money On Recharge And Earn

  1. PV Cash Incentive

For every Data you buy, Cable TV package you subscribe for, PHCN bill you pay for, whether for you or/and others, there is a PV (Product Value) attached and once you accumulate a certain amount of PV, you Earn.

This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING because, you buy cheap and still earn… I’ve not seen this anywhere.


There is no flushing of point, you keep accumulating. When you accumulate:

5,000PV = N12,500

15,000PV = N25,000

50,000PV = N87,500

100,000PV = N125,000

200,000PV = N250,000

500,000PV = N750,000

1,000,000PV = DUBAI TRIP (N500,000) + N750,000

What this means is when you accumulate 5000 PV, the company pays you N12,500 and so on as seen above

  1. Data Sales

If you buy MTN 1GB for N470 and sell at N800, you would have made N330 profit. Imagine selling all the other VTU services… Just imagine it how much you can make. In a month, if you take this business seriously, you can make N100k, no jokes…

  1. Airtime Sales

You get 2% discount on all recharge of all Networks.

  1. Recharge Card Business

Start your Recharge Card Printing Business and get up to 5% discount.

     5.  Referral Program

This is for those that would like to refer and earn. You first have to upgrade from Free to Paid Member with N2000 and you get your referral link automatically with which you can now use to refer others and then for anyone you refer to the platform, you make N1000 and 100PV when they also upgrade their membership. If you refer 50 persons in a month, you make N50,000 + your profit from personal sales to people + cash back from the company (via PV)

PS: This is absolutely OPTIONAL because whether you refer or not, you still make money & earn for using the platform.

How To Get Started

How To Register

  1. Click on
  2. Click on REGISTER
  3. Fill your information and click on REGISTER
  4. Then Proceed to LOGIN
How To Fund Your Wallet

To begin to use the platform, your wallet must be funded with a minimum of N1000, it can be more. It is used to purchase any VTU product on the platform.

  1. Once you LOGIN to your Dashboard, click on Add Fund

There are 2 payment options

  1. Bank Deposit
  2. Debit Card

Debit Card is Faster and your wallet is credited immediately but if you choose Bank Deposit, You Click on Bank Deposit

Please Pay Attention Here

You must first make a transfer to Noneda Technologies GTB 047029588

Minimum Amount you can fund is N1000, it can be more

Then fill in the amount you paid in. Enter amount and the depositor name, that is the name of the account you paid from in Sender Name and click Submit

Once this is done, your wallet will be credited with the amount you paid and you are set for Business

For further information, once you are registered, click on TopUp Product, then click on any of the products to know more

To know more about the PV on each top up product, kindly click on PV Info on your dashboard.

Embrace Financial Liberation!

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