How to start and manage an effective WhatsApp group platform that brings result in any network marketing business.

One of the proven and best way to help any network promoter or business is to have a platform where he can gather people especially if one is the type that normally source for his partners online is to create a WhatsApp group. In this write-up, i will be sharing how to start, manage, whatsapp group for result in any mlm.

1. As soon as you have 6 people under you, I recommend to my team members to immediately start their own whatsApp group because of the numerous opportunity for growth it presents. A whatsApp group is synonymous to a home cell for all the big churches that run cell systems and that is one of the physical strategy of their church growth.

2. The mistake people do is to add all your contacts to the group and everybody keep shouting who added me here, and they start leaving you one by one. Hear this, everybody on your phone contacts will not join your MLM company. You must screen them and talk to them one by one and get their permission to add them to your training whatsApp group for more information.

3. Create your group on whatsApp and give it a very unique and motivating name. Some name their own Achievers team, Millionaires’ team, Overtaker’s Team, Synergy team, Sky team, Golden club etc.

4. The first person you add to the group is your direct upline, then the six people that are under you. Don’t bother much to add your major team leaders for now, as most of them already have close to 50 groups they manage. Your results is what will bring them to start taking interest in your group activities.

5. Make a commitment to talk to 2 to 3 prospects everyday on your contact, Facebook, face-to-face, place of work etc about your network marketing business and request to add them to your whatsApp training platform.

6. Make it a rule not to add anybody you have not talk to about your company to the group. At this level, your whatsaap group will grow naturally and it will be more effective and you get more sign ups.

7. Come up with a group rule/regulations and anybody that defaulted should be removed and made to write a letter of apology to the group before bringing the person back.

8. Don’t ever add anybody that is not interested there and always remove people that did not register within 2weeks and add them back when they registered.

9. If you have a group and is if full of unregistered people for more than one month. I give you permission now, remove all the unregistered prospects and In active partners. Inactive partners are people that did one account with you 6 months ago and have never brought anybody. Tell them, the day they register one person under them, you will add them back. Create white spaces. And God will send your Matrix changer. A matrix changer does not need your help, he or she will just come and in few weeks, will just fill your matrix. Sometimes, they get to the top before you.

10. Focus on your vital few. The 20% of your team members that produce the 80% of your results.

11. Always do periodic trainings on how to register people, placement and positioning. I always say this, if you abuse the matrix, the matrix will abuse you. Announce DONATIONS and CELEBRATIONS. Encourage your members to ask questions. Keep on motivating them.

12. I always say this, it is not the activities of the group/team above you that determines your progress. But the activities of the team under you. Your whatsApp group platform helps you know your true size and helps you to manage them closely.

Credit: Dayo Adetiloye

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