Prayer against Demonic Stronghold

Tonight we will be dealing with DEMONIC STRONGHOLD. Stronghold are been sponsored by demons and there are different versions or type of stronghold, whatever your own may be, God is going to pull them down tonight in the Name of Jesus Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:4 says “for the weapon of our welfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds”. Let us go ahead and pray.

I want you to appreciate God who has been there for you and your family, who has been watching over you and fighting your life battle, begin to praise God. Psalm 57:5-6 says they spread net for my feet, they dug a pit in my path, but they have falling in to it themselves, appreciate God.

  1. Father as from tonight oh God demonstrate your power in my life and situation, psalm 114:3-5, the sea looked and fled. Jeremiah 5:22. OLUWA fi agbara re han ninu aye mi ati idojuko mi.
  2. Every problem that has enter my life through my forefather, my parents, I destroy tonight in the Name of Jesus Christ. Oluwa lasa le yi pa gbogbo isoro aye mi run
  3. Father tonight I am set free from stronghold that enter my life through dreams, food, carelessness and friends.
  4. Father every arrow of the enemies in my life and family, out in the Name of Jesus Christ. Gbogbo ofa ota lara mi, Jade Loruko Jesu.
  5. My body is delivered from every form of aiment or diseases,  tonight every negative medical is condemned by fire in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  6. The Lord told me now that somebody is there, God said every negative prescription is condemned. Go and do test, you are healed already.
  7. The Lord said the arrow of madness that is fire to somebody life is out now
  8. Say I am deliver from consequences that sin has brought upon me
  9. The Lord said somebody should pray this prayer, you are suffering from spiritual husband and wife, Father separate me from spiritual husband and wife.
  10. Father tonight let there be a way out of my finance crisis and any other crises in Jesus Mighty Name.
  11. Father let my problem expire in Jesus Mighty Name.
  12. Oh God my father let there be light to every darkness in my life, family and project in Jesus Name.  Genesis 1:1 and God said let there be light.
  13. Lord over my children I will not mourn, I will not die, none of my family will die in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  14. Lord let every inherited battle and acquired battle loose your grip over me. I am set free in Jesus Mighty Name. John 8:36.
  15. My Father and my family is delivered from intentional spell, acquired spell and evil word that is working against my life in Jesus Mighty Name. Psalm 34:17.
  16. Loruko Jesu Asa aye koni rimi gbe ati idile mi Loruko Jesu.
  17. Lati asaale lo, mo gba ijoba aye mi pada Lowo awon ota Loruko Jesu.
  18. Lati oni lo gbogbo iji to nja aye mi eduro je Loruko Jesu Kristi. Let every storm be still now in Jesus Mighty Name.

Rev. Seun Akinlabi, Baptist Model High School Ikola, Lagos.


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