Showcase your Talent through the App Enlighten

Nike Obi Technology limited presents: Enlighten 

The mobile app company has put together an exciting app that will change the face of entertainment and create hope of good. The app Enlighten allows its users to qualify in a talent hunt programme (Royal talent show) and bring them into the Royal house.

This app gives room for contestants to post videos showcasing their special and various talents; singing, dancing of all kinds, jokes of all kinds, art work, bit production, painting, drawing, story telling, acting and all forms of educative measures of entertainment and cultures.  Competitors can qualify as an individual or a team/group. It also gives room for the contestants to increase their fan base by thereby making them popular in what they do as to qualify into the main contest in the Royal house. Voters also have the opportunity to keep their favorite contestant in the house till the last day.

The app also allows for advertisements and publications of all sorts, $1 for one day, the contest is for everyone in the world if qualify, qualification is the first users with 3m likes before the forms will be out, we will pay for all qualifiers (visa and other things) to come into the ROYAL HOUSE.

Download the app and start the race

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